*** waxing Scorpio crescent moon readings NOW avail til Sunday night 8/19/2018 ***

Happy blessed Friday aka Freya’s day!!

*** Waxing crescent Scorpio moon readings NOW available all this weekend*** tonight-Friday through Sunday night ***

Please email me at: heartofoak8@gmail.com ~ if y’all feel pulled to this woo work offering of mine. $ Rates are reasonable!

Also! Scorpio moon time is a really great way to go deep with healing and cutting energy cord rituals ~ I’ve got a cutting energy cords ritual guide all ready to order at my woo work website (www.spiritoracle.com) … for $37!

Blessings and namaste ✨🙏🏼🌙🔮

*** Woo Work News Update *** aug 13, 2018 ***

*** Woo Work News Update ***

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Hello y’all!

We’ve been riding some pretty wild intense cosmic energies shifting recently including Uranus turning retrograde, Leo new moon + partial solar eclipse, and Mercury’s gonna be stationing direct soon….

I was in seclusion for part of this weekend due to holding space for my personal re-membering and letting the bittersweetness of my dear community ancestor Rebecca Tidewalker’s 2nd year death anniversary come up to hearts surface among many deep spaces I’ve been feeling into with during the past couple days.

I appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and patience as I’m slowly and steadily coming out of seclusion due to that among other current unfoldings.

I will be offering waxing moon readings all this week/weekend ~ if that’s something resonant with your current journey unfolding, then please do book a session through my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

If you’re not sure regarding sessions, then I do offer complimentary (free) 15-30 minute consults ~ y’all can book that through my website as well… www.spiritoracle.com

For inquiries related to woo work session bookings, etc…. please feel welcome to connect at my woo work email ~ heartofoak8@gmail.com ~

Many thankees, bright blessings, and I look forward to co-creating healing magickyness with y’all!

*** Woo Work readings @ Funhouse Lounge, PDX Queer Comedy Fest!! ***



*** Woo Work News Update !! ***

I’m excited and honored to be invited to offer my wootastical readings at this event TOMORROW (Friday, July 20th) AND Saturday, July 21st!

You’ll find me at funhouse lounge!

I will post up the hours ASAP for the hours slanted for my readings!

Excited and look forward to seeing y’all there ~ ✨🔮🙏🏼🌙



*** Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse readings STILL avail NOW til 16th July 2018***

*** Cancer New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse readings/sessions STILL available until next week Monday 16 July 2018 ***

Both regular hourly ($125) price and sliding scale ($30-90) price good for this!

Please book through my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com …. and put Cancer New Moon solar eclipse with the service order.

Many thankees ~ looking forward to co creating some powerful healing with yall!


FREE to subscribe to following my blog at my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

FREE 15-30 min consults if you’re not sure of which service I provide that could align with your needs at the moment

Energy Cord Cutting Ritual Guides (pdf format) NOW ready to be ordered ~ $37 per copy via email ~

My woo work Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services AND Facebook group: Spirit Oracle ~ both available as resources too!


*** Cancer New Moon Eclipse sessions/reads NOW avail until next week Monday July 16, 2018 ***

Happy Moon’s day! happy Tuesday!

*** Cancer New Moon Eclipse readings available NOW through next week Monday, July 16th ***

Both my regular price ($125 per hour) and sliding scale price ($30-90) for half hour to an hour ~ good for this!

Sessions both available LOCAL to Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington metro area and long distance online ~

Please note which price when booking through my website and much appreciated ~

Please book your sessions & send payments via my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

Payments accepted via PayPal.me/ThorneDavis or
Cash.me/$nomadwoo ~

If any questions, then please contact: heartofoak8@gmail.com

Darkening moon into the new blessings and I look forward to working some powerful magickyness with y’all!