*** PSA ~ Portland School of Astrology ~ books & my studies!! ***

*** Woo Work News Update!! ***

This just in:
The most recent astro woo book to join my growing PSA book load for studies via Portland School of Astrology (PSA) year one programme!

I begin studies on Monday/Moon’s day & Tuesday, October 15-16th!

If you’re curious to follow my astro woo learning adventures then please feel welcome to subscribe at my online website blog (it’s FREE!) via my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

I will share from time to time astro woo school updates via social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as my email list for those who are subscribed on my email list.



*** Libra New Moon readings & Venus in Scorpio Retrograde readings STILL avail!! ***

*** Woo Work News Reminder ***

~ Libra New Moon and Venus Retrograde in Scorpio readings STILL available until this week Thursday, October 11th, 2018 ~ please book by 12 PM midnight, pacific standard time (PST).

There’s been a lot of energies swirling with this current new moon and the recent retrograde of Venus in Scorpio ~ if you’re curious about what the eff is going on and could use a bit of clarity, then I’d be happy to offer my support as aligned to/with your needs!

Please book through my website and/or either email me directly: heartofoak8@gmail.com or Facebook DM!

If you’re feeling uncertain, then I do offer FREE 15-30 minute consultations via Facebook messenger, email, text sms, and/or video call. This option is also available to book via my website.

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com
Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services
Instagram: heartofoak8

I look forward to working with y’all! New Moon blessings!


*** House/hearth and Spirits facilitation Service NOW avail til 2nd week Nov. 2018 ***

*** Woo Work News Update! ***

Samhain (aka Shadowfest, All Hallows’ Eve, etc) is coming up next month in October!
Y’all are perhaps feeling spirits and energies becoming more active now that Autumn Equinox is happening this weekend then Monday sept 24th Aries full moon… so the season of the witch and the ancestors will be in full swing come October!

If you are in need of House and/or energetic cleansing, clearings, blessings and/or facilitation with house bound spirits who are lingering in and/or around your hearths or land spirits … then I’m offering this woo work service especially right NOW all the way through October to the 2nd week of November.

It’s a really liminal time currently with the seasonal change ~ I can provide customized packages regarding this service ~ if this is something you need as part of preparations for the season, then please contact me ASAP…. because October will be a busy month for me and I want to ensure you get the support needed during this portal time!

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com
Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services
Instagram: heartofoak8


*** Woo Work News Update *** stone kit for clients available! ***

*** Woo Work News Update ***

This is the first (of many in the future, hopefully! 😉) magikal kit I’m sending out today ~ in the post mail ~ to a client!

There are stones in this kit which have been cured with salt, moon, and sun infused water on my windowsill as well as cleansed/blessed with sage, Palo santo, sweetgrass, and pine. I’ve included a description of the stones’ meanings and my business cards. I purchased the stones from a local witchy and healing shop (sea+grape) here at portland, Oregon.

I’m grateful to be doing service and healing work which I LOVE!

If you’re curious about this service/product among my other woo work offerings, then please do check out my website: www.spiritoracle.com and inquire through there to me about this!

Also, please feel welcome to DM me directly via Facebook messenger to inquire about this in particular.

If you’re curious about what other offerings I have, then I am available for 15 to 30 minute FREE consults! These consults can be done via messenger, text message, email, and/or video chat (Zoom or FaceTime).

Blessings of this waxing sickle to crescent moon!


*** Virgo new moon sessions avail NOW til sept. 8th, 2018 ***

*** Woo Work News Update!!! ***

Sunday, sept 9th: Virgo New Moon ~ at 11:01AM PST ~ pacific standard time ~

I’m offering waning moon readings/sessions NOW until the dark moon sept 8th when the moon is dark/unseen in the night sky. Costs are reasonable!

This offer expires at 12 midnight pacific standard time (PST) Sunday night, sept 9th.


Also!! The #9 has the vibration of old cycles dying/completing and new cycles of birthing/gestating/seeding ~ I’ve got a energy cord cutting guide PDF offering via email for $37 as a support in that context… if that’s something you’d need/want as part of your healing with the virgo new moon.


Please put either #9virgo energy cord guide or Virgo new moon reading/session in subject line when booking your session or energy cord cutting guide!


As, always, it is my pleasure and honor to serve and co-create healing space with y’all! If any questions, etc then please feel welcome to contact me via my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com, email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, and/or my instagram: heartofoak8

Blessings and ✨🙏🏼🍃🍂

*** woo work photography collaboration project checkin! ***

*** Woo Work News Checkin!! ***

I’m excited to announce that I’m collaborating with a dear long time friend~ chosen community of mine, Sumandhi Fox via photography!

There will be some new photography magiks happening to update my woo work website and show more of what I offer and bring into the world… not just Tarot & Runes 😉🙂

This photography project is already in the beginning process slow and steadily …. so, y’all’s patience and understanding would be much appreciated.

When the photos are ready to be launched on my site, then I’ll make an announcement of it! It won’t be for a little while tho 🙂😉


*** Portland School of Astrology, year one program! ***

I’m pleased to announce in my continued journey with both learning deeper and fine-tuning my skill set regarding to astrology ~ I’ve been accepted as candidate to the Portland School of Astrology, year one program!

This is exciting and a major step for me to take in many ways including their first time to have a Deaf candidate partake in their program as well as trying out a hybrid program approach for my learning journey. All the good luck, juju, vibes, support, encouragement, etc sent my way for this will be greatly appreciated!

My woo work hours availability will shift starting in October 2018 due to this. This program will be completed in May 2018. Many thankees and much appreciate the understanding in this schedule shift.

Bright Blessings,