*** checking in ***

Hello folx,

Good evening. I know it’s been a while since I’ve checked in here with y’all. I’ve needed to take some time away for tending to some of my very recent and current personal self care (mental health wellness) needs. This is one of the several books that I’ve been gathering as part of resources/information to work more with as my process continues to unfold at this time’s being. I can recommend this book as a great resource and really appreciate how the author presents the material.

Mental health wellness and awareness is so important.

If there’s been slow replies (on my part) via messages and/or contacts with y’all recently, then this is part of why. Thank you for understanding and the patience with me as I’m processing some pretty deep stuff at this time.

Also, this recent dark new moon in cancer ♋️ was a BIG deep one!! Holy wow. It was the second new moon in cancer. Potent portals!! Chani Nicholas posted some Astrological insights around this ~ check it out if it resonates with y’all 🌌💚✨✨✨

Tomorrow, the sun transits into Leo ♌️ season and that’ll bring a whole different energy to the space that we are approaching, energetically and planetary wise. More thoughts on that soon!

If y’all are feeling drawn to purchasing a reading, gift certificate, etc from me at this time, then that will be greatly much appreciated by me at this time ~ and ~ there will be some exciting things brewing for the autumn season 😊💚✨✨✨ stay tuned for that 🤓😉

dark new moon blessings!



**** sharing in support and solidarity ****

Hello folx!

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Happy Tuesday! I’m sharing this Kickstarter campaign in support and solidarity with my fellow community peer, teacher, and healer ~ Rebekah Erev and their fellow co-planner project comrade, Nomy Lamm. This is a worthy project to consider supporting since part of their giveback to community is sending some funds to Black Jews among other ways they plan to give back as their reacharound from this project.

Please do consider donating to this campaign if it calls to you.

Blessings of this waning moon to y’all ~ more news soon!!



ReImagine Festival Event ~ June 9th, 2020




I had the sacred honor and blessing in being invited to join in with a Zoom meeting space for this event online earlier this week. It was beyond beautyfull and deeply heartening to witness diverse folx come together for this event. I learned SO much from the folx who shared in there. I really appreciated the invitation to learn more. I’m grateful that this event online was  accessible via ASL interpreters so I could attend. The ASL interpreters were folx of color which was really great since I felt it important to have the people of color be centered and let their voices/presences be Seen in this event and to have ASL interpreters who are folx of color ~ that felt more than affirming to align with the sacred space of this event.

I’m truly glad that I did this and I can say that it’s definitely worthwhile the time for it. 🙏❤️✨✨✨

Checking in …. #2

These logo pic/images are credited to the ACLU website: www.aclu.org

The two images are from articles and petitions offered at the ACLU website related to police abolition/divesting funds to black and brown communities. I signed one petition and renewed my ACLU membership.

Another resource for ACLU: (Instagram) @aclu


I’m slowly and steadily figuring out in with some ways that I can offer support and energy with ~ despite my not physically being there at the BLM protests at this time. I’ll be sharing some of them on here as part of my commitment to active allyship and becoming a better ally….

~ More coming soon ~

Checking in….

Hello y’all ~

I realize that it’s been quite a while since my last post here. I appreciate the patience and understanding in the delayed pause between the last post and this one. It’s been challenging to find words and how to share them here.

I want to use this platform to share directly from my heart and spirit for a moment here. I’ve been conflicted in offering my magical healing readings since I’ve not wanted to take away from the many BIG and IMPORTANT events that we are currently witnessing in today’s world…

Yet, at the same time, I’m really noticing that there is a BIG need too in self care, grounding practice, and more. I’m re-committing again to my grounding and self practices while figuring out more in with the “how’s” that I can hold a Deeper space and offer my medicine workings with y’all.

SO much has been happening since then and especially recently in the last week or so. I’ve been holding a lot of space energetically at times related to the protests and Black Lives Matter movement that has been growing MUCH bigger recently. Big cosmic energy has been swirling around as well due to the recent full moon/lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that happened on June 5th ~ and mercury will be transiting retrograde in cancer within the next couple days ….

SO many of our hearts are heavy especially right now since today is the 4th year anniversary of the Pulse shooting as well as the US White House having announced their pulling back of health care protections for transgender folx… and not only that, there were also two more deaths of trans black femme folx ~ My heart beyond breaks with not just only this… my heart aches DEEPLY with EVERYTHING right now…

Also, I’ve been realizing that it is ok and important for me to step away from social media from time to time as part of my mental health and self care needs. Not only that, it is essential for me to discover something of joy and pleasure; what holds hope; how I can hold hope in such a intense BIG time here in today’s world that we are witnessing… and … not only that, it is important for me to give myself that permission and to checkin with the balance of my time and energy  spaces related to everyday.

Today: I renewed my ACLU membership and donated some dollars in support of an ACLU petition to defund the police and divest funds back into black and brown communities. That felt like a proactive step that I could take at this time.

I’ve felt deeply conflicted in feeling all the things while recognizing that it is not safe for me in particular ways to attend the Black Lives Matter protests here in portland, Oregon ~ in addition to that, I’ve been reassessing MANY areas including the “how’s” in that I can become a better ally and more proactive with my continued learning experience related to racism, white supremacy, and much more. I’m grateful for the resources and information that I’ve been discovering and adding to my current journey via Instagram, Google, and online book orders, etc.

We NEED to do better. Even more so NOW than before.

June is pride month. The origins of Pride started with black and brown trans and queer folx who started a revolution; not just a riot. I’m beyond grateful for Marsha Pay me no mind Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Stormé DeLarverie, and many others who are queer and trans ancestors who paved the way with the original Pride. If not for them, then we would not be here today.

Juneteenth is later this month, June 19th. It is no coincidence that the orange haired man from the White House is holding a rally at Tulsa, Oklahoma during Juneteenth.

We NEED to do better. Even more so NOW than before.

I will be checking in again soon with more thoughts. Thankees for taking the time and energy to read this long post. Y’all’s patience and understanding is much appreciated in this. 🙏💚🙏💚🤟

*** Wootastical community appreciation ***

HUGE thanks to Clary Sage Herbarium (LOCAL to Portland, Oregon area) for your shoutouts both at your physical shop,  online at your website, and via social media platforms (since I’m not on Facebook). I appreciate y’all at clary sage herbarium for welcoming my magical services weaving into your space ~ and thank you so much for showing up with community ~ especially right now with the current corvid-19 situation out there.

If y’all want to book readings with me via Clary Sage Herbarium then please know it’s by appt only with me. I’m available through call appts via Skype, FaceTime, google hangouts, and zoom. Rates are reasonable; both fixed and sliding scale options available! Payments appreciated via paypal and Venmo. All sessions/readings are ASL and Deaf accessible/friendly!!

Please follow Clary Sage Herbarium and myself on Instagram!!

@clarysageherbarium ~ clary sage herbarium IG

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It is my honor and blessing to be of service with the local portland, oregon queer, Deaf/hoh/ASL, and magical communities especially during this time. Thank y’all for supporting my livelihoods ❤️❤️❤️

Thank y’all for supporting local businesses and self employed folx especially right now in these times ~ waxing moon blessings ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️🌌🌈

**** Coping with corvid-19 times via Gottman Institute ****

Coping with Uncertainty During COVID-19: An International Gottman Trainer Shares Their Perspective


This is a great article via the Gottman Institute related to how to cope with the current corvid-19 situation. I appreciated the insights/tips shared and it felt resonant in some ways with me.

Stay safe and well, wash your hands, and take care as y’all can ~ waxing moon blessings ~

***** Wootastical Checkin *****

Hello folx,

Thorne here from Spirit Oracle checking in. I felt nudged to share two things that I’ve been trying to get back in with rhythm for daily/morning/daytime practices as I wake and greet the new day…

Image Credit: (website) the 7wisdom ways ~ article link ~ https://7wisdoms.org/chakras/chakra-symbols/


the first one is: checking in with my chakras and meditating with them ~ feeling into if any energy needs to be released and then feeling grounded ready for the new day; kinda like doing a energetic body scan ~ then the second one is: pulling a few cards from Sarah Prout’s Dear Universe deck. These cards are like affirmations/mantras.

I’ll be honest ~ it’s not been easy in trying to figure out what does my structure/routine feel and look like for each day during the week. I’m still slowly steadily figuring it out day by day. I’ve found that it’s helpful for me in opening my windows at least once a day so some fresh air can come into my studio space. Also, using smudge/ smoke medicine every once in a while has definitely felt great to do.

What are the activities that have felt grounding and soothing for y’all during this time of corvid 19 pandemic?


Stay safe out there, wash your hands, and stay well ~

More thoughts soon! 🙏✨✨✨✨🌌🌈

*** April 3, 2020 *** Freya day ***

Hello folx, I’m checking in…. how’s yall been doing out there thus far with the current global pandemic situation? I’ve been in sheltering in place/house space for a little more than two weeks now… To be honest, it’s not been easy at times; I’m still in my own process of figuring out how to move through with things, all of the feels, etc at this time. I’ve been experiencing a BIG impact on my livelihood incomes due to this pandemic situation ~ as well as many of y’all are too. We are all in this together and we will get through this somehow…. even if it’s uncertain right now in the “how” … ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I felt nudged to pull these two cards from my Viking Oracle deck and share them with y’all ~ 1) Wunjo is the rune vibrating with the energy of joy and pleasure … how are the energies of joy and pleasure showing up in your lives right now? Are y’all feeling challenged in how to create space for that energy? How do y’all want to tune into sustainable pleasure and joy related practices? What does that look/feel like right now? What is your joy and pleasure right now? How is that weaved into self care practices?

… and … 2) Freya ~ she’s the Norse/Viking goddess of both love and war ~ she’s deeply fierce and passionate in so many different ways. Today is Friday and it’s her day ~ Venus, Aphrodite, and other love goddesses are also honored on Friday as well. Freya has a twin brother, Freyr and he is the god of agriculture, the “everyman’s god”, and earth magic. Freya is also the goddess of shapeshifting, women, childbirth, magic, sex, pleasure, sensuality, passion, creativity, war, strategy, and much more.

The Viking oracle deck is made by Stacey DeMarco.


On a different note, the Libra full moon is coming up very soon ~ next week, Tuesday, April 7th! I’ll be offering full moon readings next week ~ if that’s something resonant with y’all, then please do feel welcome to send in your orders via here on my website: www.spiritoracle.com, email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, and/or via Instagram DM message at my IG profile: @heartofoak8 …

More thoughts soon!! Til then, please wash your hands, be safe, and take care while sheltering in place. 🌲🌿🌱🔮🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️🌈🦄

*** Aries ♈️ New Moon readings avail ***

Hello y’all ~

Just a quick checkin here …. Aries New Moon Readings are now available for purchase!!! Rates: $20 = 20 mins, 30 = 30 mins, $40 = 40 mins, and $60 = 1 hour …  available until THIS Friday, March 27th, 2020 ~ Both paypal and Venmo accepted for online payments 🙂

The sun represents the external part of you that lights up your whole being ~ how you show yourself to the world. The moon represents the inner part of you; your emotional self and how the internal processes are related to feelings, intuition, etc.

Currently, the sun and moon both are in Aries so y’all are probably already experiencing a lot of energy shifting in various ways. The new moon will occur tomorrow ~ Tuesday ~ at 2:28am, pacific standard time ~ as referenced to from the We’Moon 2020 book planner.

Another thing to keep in mind: the moon 🌚 is in her dark moon phase right now so we will not be able to physically see her in the night sky until she arrives to the waxing crescent phase.

When the moon is in her dark phase, it’s ideal to rest, turn inwards, nourish and nurture, release and let go, and take it easy with the self …. not pushing to do (as in the productivity or busy mind space)… it’s more about BEing and allowing that BEing to unfold…. allowing what’s come to pass and what’s not manifested from the recent moon cycle to lay fallow and become energetic compost.

Aries is a fire sign which is like the initial spark of the Astrological zodiac year; good for sparking ideas and the energy of what could be possible. Aries also portends spring season which is all about transition from the inner landscape to the external; winter to spring, BEing to DOing, that kind of thing.

The new moon is the beginning of a new moon cycle; energetic space for creative energy related to new seeds/intentions which want to be planted then cultivated for the new moon cycle.

If y’all are curious about more of this stuff related to tomorrow’s Aries new moon, then please do purchase readings from me! All readings/sessions are ASL and Deaf accessible via video chat calls.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to receiving your magical new moon orders soon!!! 🔮🦉🦄🌿🌱🕯🌈🌌🌲