*** Gratitude Post ~ MEW sept 7th, 2019 ~

I’m grateful for SO much: the 11 readings that I had the opportunity to facilitate with folx who found their way to my table at MEW this recent Saturday, the ca$h and Venmo energy exchanges, the creative quilt art energy exchange, easeful setting up/breaking down of my table corner spot, the pre-event support of a sweet person in my life, and feeling Seen with the medicine I can offer with folx at a event like this.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you everyone and Universe dear!!!!


P.S. Excited to announce that I will return to MEW (Metaphysical Empowerment And Wellness) Fair in November 2019 ~ more details on that later 🙂 😉

*** recent Saturday 9/7/2019 ~ MEW event ~ pics! ***


Hello and checking in after this recent Saturday’s event!! Here are the pics that I took during the day ~ enjoy!

I’m glad I took this opportunity and enjoyed it even if t’was a long day 😉 🙂 It feels like it was a fruitful experience and it’ll be great to return again in early November to MEW (Metaphysical Empowerment and wellness) Fair !!!

Y’all are welcome to follow me at my Instagram: @heartofoak8 …. for more updates related to events, workshops, etc. More info to come soon with events and a big road trip I’m going to do soon this month (Sept)!

Gibbous moon blessings!

*** Reminder: Sept. 7th, 2019 ~ MEW event!!! ***

Hello folx!

Just a little friendly reminder: I will be offering my readings at this wootastical MEW (metaphysical empowerment and wellness) fair event…. THIS Saturday, Sept. 7th, 2019 !!! Time 12 noon til 8pm PST (pacific standard time). It’s FREE admission at this event!

Readings are ASL/Deaf friendly 😉

Please do feel welcome to stop by my table for a spell, chat, and receive a reading from me ~ if that feels resonant with you … I would LOVE to connect with you at this event! I look forward to it!

Waxing moon blessings, ~ Thorne

*** Vulnerability Post ~ pay what you can New Moon Virgo readings!! ***


~ Vulnerability Post + Pay What You Can (PWYC) New Moon in Virgo readings $30 to $100 ~

Just checking in to share something truly vulnerable for me since this is something that happened back in July 2019 and I’m now experiencing the real life effect-results of that decision that i made with a risk. It was a moment of challenge among other factors when i made that decision. In retrospect, I could’ve done better decision making  and that is one of many things I’m taking away from this current situation I’m in due to that.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to be vulnerable and to ask for community support as I’m currently dealing with this ~ by offering PWYC ~ pay what you can ~ $30 to $100 new moon in Virgo readings! Y’all can get your orders in at my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com (via the contact form), woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, and/or DM (direct message) via my Instagram: @heartofoak8 …..

All the community support is more than welcomed here with this by me in this especially right now since it is a necessary, essential, and very vulnerable Ask which i am bringing here ~ since it is actually having a BIG real life effect on me and it is a situation that needs to be resolved ASAP. I wouldn’t be sharing this if it was not necessary.

This is also a really good reminder to me to recognize the pattern of hustle vs align ~ where I’ve felt from time to time (and recently again) that i need and/or have needed to hustle instead of aligning ~ that pattern is no longer sustainable to me in many ways. I actively choose to ground more into the intentions of rooting, trusting, and growing more with ALIGN ~ that energy to manifest…. and discovering more of a balance with ALIGNMENT…. That is part of the current unfolding Virgo new moon space for me at this time.


What are some of the things y’all have been noticing with this current Virgo New Moon? Please feel welcome to share in the comments, if that feels resonant. Thankees and New moon blessings!

*** Cord Cutting Ritual Guide PDF closing: TONIGHT ***

Hello folx!

Just a gentle reminder: the closing date for ordering this cord cutting ritual guide PDF is TONIGHT, 12 AM midnight PST (pacific standard time). If this offering is something resonant for you with this current Virgo new moon, then please do get y’all’s orders in by TONIGHT!

Also: I will be adjusting the price to this current offering by TOMORROW ~ as a recognition to a check and balance type of thing related to my current sustainable income dynamics, both personally and professionally ~ Thank you for understanding with this adjustment of price and bringing it more into alignment with what is needed at this time for my professional/personal needs. Tis much much much appreciated!


I’m grateful SO much already for the orders that have come in and the folx who have purchased this PDF guide from me. I believe that if this offering feels resonant for y’all, then it will align with the current timing! Y’all can order through here (my website) via the contact form: www.spiritoracle.com, my woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, and via Direct Messager at my IG/Instagram: @heartofoak8….

It is a blessing and honor for me to bring these wootastical offerings into the world we live in and thank YOU!!!

New moon blessings,



*** Dark Moon Salon ~ psychic sister woo event *** gratitude ***

Hello folx!!

Yesterday (Tuesday~ 8/27/2019) evening, i did something differently new for myself ~ taking a step out of my comfort zone and offering a 20 minute talk re. New moon in Virgo this week and the coming Astro planetary energies in September 2019 ~ at Psychic sister woo shop, local based in Portland, Oregon!!!

I’m truly grateful that I said yes to this opportunity and invitation. SO much has been received from and with this experience! Mega gratitude and appreciation to Dreamy, the shop owner, @psychicsister and Moe @blackbirdritualservices ~ and the rockstar ASL interpreters too!!

Exciting things are hopefully brewing due to my having said yes to this opportunity; I dont want to say too much right now so temperance and discernment at the moments being and when more comes through, then I’ll keep y’all posted 😉 🙂


plus! I was gifted this sparkly Astro woo dice set by Dreamy @psychicsister ~ such a delightful surprise to be gifted this and really appreciate the opportunity to try working with a different wootastical medium in this way! <3 *heart*

*** Sept. 7th, 2019 ~ Metaphysical Empowerment Wellness Fair *** Event Readings by me! ***

Hello folx!

I’m grateful, honored, and heart touched to announce this: I will be returning to MEW ~ Metaphysical Empowerment and Wellness Fair in early September 2019 ~ for offering my readings!! The event occurs in Portland, Oregon on Sept. 7th, 2019. It’s local in the city at Unity of Portland.

Free admission to the event!

If y’all feel drawn to receiving a reading from me at this event, then please do come stop by for a spell at my table! 😉 😉 I would love to connect with y’all ~ let’s see what abundant magickyness can manifest ~ 🙂 😉 <3 *heart*


I announced this same event information at my Instagram: @heartofoak8 ~ Feel welcome to follow me there for updates as well 😉


As always, y’all’s support of my wootastical offerings is greatly appreciated and thankees, thankees, thankees!!


*** Queer Kinky Weekend ~ Sept. 13-15, 2019 *** workshop ASL and Kink ~ presented by me, Thorne Davis ***

Hello folx!!

I’ve already been in communication with the hosts of this amazing queer kinky weekend that’s coming up in September 2019, next month ~ during the 13th to 15th ~ AND ~ I’m super excited to announce: I’ve been invited to return to this amazing event and present my workshop: ASL and Kink ~ ASL interpreted!!!

It’s gonna be a interesting intergalactic weekend for sure ~ so…  for my kinky witchy magicky queer folx, y’all who would be interested in doing this weekend thing ~ please go register at their website: https://kinkyqueerweekend.com/

Disclaimer: I will *** NOT *** be posting photos from this weekend event since there is a registration agreement re. social media confidentiality among other things …. Also, I’m a huge supporter of consent is sexy so I’m gonna adhere to that event registration agreement. Please respect that and thank you! I appreciate the understanding of this. 🙂 😉

*** Cord Cutting Ritual Guide PDF’s still avail *** until 8/30/2019 ***

This service offering is still available at its discounted price: $7 …. until August 30th, 2019 ~ this week’s new moon in Virgo ~ PayPal, Venmo, and/or cheques/cash are appreciated!! **** Y’all can send in your orders through my website contact form, email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, and/or Instagram DM @heartofoak8 …. thankees!!! 😉 🙂

Gentle Nudge: the price of this service will be adjusted to reflect my sustainable income needs/checks+balance AFTER this week’s Virgo new moon. Thankees for the understanding of this and its appreciated greatly <3 *heart****

Your orders of this Cord Cutting Ritual Guide PDF (available via email format) will be processed within 48 hours of your purchase payment being sent to me. Many gratitudes for your support of my work!!!


Gratitudes to the two folx who already have purchased this in a timely manner and the next person who’s expressed interest!! Thankees, thankees, thankees y’all!!! Much appreciated!! ~ here’s to more dark/new moon magic purchases manifesting this week ~ so be it and so it is!!! *heart* <3