*** 10th January 2018 ***

Hello folx!

Wow, ‘tis been quite a wild wave of energy surges as weve entered into 2018 ~

Lots of cosmic planetary energies activating as well as releasing, both at the same time!

How has your 2018 beginning unfolded thus far? Mine certainly has been interesting ~ and still unfolding… More on that soon ….

Tomorrow is the 11th of January ~ it is a power number day as we all know the #11 is a number of mastery among other things. Sarah Prout has some good stuff related to 11:11 ~ I will share her linked articles about that on here tomorrow.

So, id encourage yall to think about what kind of wishes/intentinois to co-conspire with the Universe during tomorrow’s number woo portal 😉

Thankees for the kind patience in my (unintended) delay of posting the first post of 2018 ~ whoo!

Have a good one … til tomorrow 😉

Blessings ~


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