1st june 2016 ~ three days to gemini new moon ~

Today is June first, beginning of a new month. Theres a big feeling of relief for a moment, yeah? The month of May was intense for many folx out there including myself. It feels good to inhale and exhale mindfully in a gentle, deep way. Why not, take a moment and do three of those right now. Do it. It feels good and really grounding… grounding in the sense of bringing the self back into the present moment. SO important to have that right now especially as theres two planets still retrograde currently (mars and pluto) and theres a Grand Cross happening up in the sky within the next several days. And. the new moon in gemini, to boost. Lots of BIG energy. no kidding.

It will be very important to remember to bring the Self back into grounding and with breath, BEing in the present moment especially this month (June). Why? Its also the Gemini sun season ~ LOTS of airy energy moving and flowing around!~

If you feel some nervous or anxious energy that needs to move through, then why not perhaps do some gentle body stretches, moving that energy through the body and returning it to the earth? Maybe dance motions? Laughing and singing? Drumming or playing music?

Small, simple rituals are another good way of bringing the Self back into the moment and BEing aware of whats unfolding right now. Tea time is a example of a small yet powerful ritual to do for the self. It can be as lavish or mundane. One saying i love is this: Tea is a remedy for almost everything ~ as said or attributed to the Irish people.

The Irish people are said to be one of several populaces who consume ALOT of tea! Im not surprised with that; when i lived and worked one summer in Ireland (years ago), tea time was a important thing…. it was a nice respite between work duties and such. I learned how to make a decent strong cuppa Irish Breakfast tea. Thats how it became one of my several favorite types of teas to drink ~ as a comfort type of tea especially when im feeling out of sorts or need some self care. Drinking a cuppa Irish Breakfast tea brings to me the feeling of the old land, my ancestors, and a sense of things  being ok even in the midst of life turbulence, etc. I grew to appreciate the earthy taste of that tea. I also learned how to appreciate and value the decadance and delicacy of British high tea. Such a different experience and way to relate with the culture and the people.

I find that frequently food and drinks are a way to experience the energy of people, space, community, relationships, the ancestors, etc. As a sensory person that I am, I find I am able to appreciate and value deeper that kind of space and enjoy the camadrie of it ~ especially considering the times we currently live in. So many people rush around and keep busy, becoming tired out often. Life doesnt have to be like that, yknow, right? It can be different…. if folx are willing to reassess what really does matter to them, what their actual needs are rather than what theyre told by society, etc. It doesnt help either with how American media bombards everywhere via TV, internet, etc with pushing folx into thinking they need or want more than what they already have. There honestly doesnt need to be the whole keeping up with the joneses type of scenario. However, with how American media is… oy vey. It can be so easy to get sucked into that vortex, if one doesnt stop in the moment and re-checkin with the Self, asking what is REALLY needed.

That is another important practice: to re-checkin with the body often, checking to see what is actually being felt, thought, etc. Doing this allows us to not jump to assumptions about ourselves, others, etc. Such a important thing, i cant stress this, especially with all this BIG energy cosmically flying around. oy.

Do yknow that about 90-ish % of what we think and feel actually doesnt belong to us? It belongs to the surrounding environments we are in, it belongs to other people – their thoughts and feelings, and other layers too. We must be aware of this and remember to checkin with our selves rather than jump to conclusions, etc. The more we are aware of what doesnt belong to us on all levels: mentally, energetically, emotionally, spiritually, etc ~ then we can detox and send those back to where they actually belong so our bodies can be lighter and not so held down by the heavy weights of whats really not ours to begin with.

One practice i feel is very helpful (when I need it): I will checkin with a feeling, thought or whatever and ask if it belongs to me or belongs elsewhere… if i feel that it doesnt resonate with me, then i will envision it being like a letter that isnt mine and sealing it into a evenlope, marking it <Return to Sender> …. This has been such a big supportive practice for me especially if and when im having difficulty identifying if something is mine or not, be it a thought, feeling, experience, etc. I encourage you to try it!

Thats my thoughts for now ~ I will share more as the new moon arrives on the 4th. By then, i will already be in Vermont since im currently enroute travelling through New York state towards Vermont.


Mr. Thorne

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