*** Scorpio Full Moon, retrograde planets, etc ***

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Hullo folx,

these are a couple affirmations and quotes that i felt important to share right now, especially as we are diving into the depths of tonight and the Scorpio moon + taurus sun woo portal.

So much cosmic sky activity has been happening…. intense amplified energies are flowing deep, big, and strong already – considering that weve got 4 planets currently retrograde (mars, saturn, pluto, jupiter) and soon one more (mercury) to turn retrograde in the next couple days… oy!

Change, renewal, rebirth, transformation, sex, love, alchemy, magic, death are all keywords with Scorpio moon time.


The genius, visionary, revolutionary, amazing, musician and artist known as Prince left his earth body and is travelling into the afterlife to join Bowie and other stars who have been leaving their earth bodies during the last couple months. This is quite a way for Prince to leave his earth body since mars is retrograde, Full moon turning into Scorpio and such. Auspicious and quite wild in a way.

Ive been feeling this full moon portal as well as the retrograde planets viscerally in different ways.

Theres alot brewing under the surfaces as ive not been posting often since my return to the west coast from Chicago. Ive needed to allow myself to give myself the necessary spaces for self care and tending to deep emotional tides as well as some majorly BIG shiftings that are unfolding currently for me in my personal life.


These times call for radical vulnerability and being real with ones own truths, etc. One big spin in my current path unfolding has been working with my physical eye health. So so so so much surrounding that with emotions and other aspects. I recently received a confirmed diagnosis for my physical right eye…. glaucoma. The specialist i went to see; they recommended that i immediately start treatment via the form of eyedrops. The eyedrops will help manage the glaucoma and hopefully hold it off at bay for a long while… and not only that, hopefully the eyedrops will also bring down the high pressure in both eyes, especially my right eye. The worst case scenario is blindness in my right eye.

I dont know how slow or fast the decline of eyesight leading to blindness will be. This is one question among a couple others that i plan to bring to eye specialist on monday, next week.

Needless to say, ive not wanted to dwell on the worst case scenario. Instead, i want to not depend only on western medicine for treatment – Im wanting to discover other resources and ways of self healing internally, not only externally, with the support of plant medicines and other modalities.

Its still not easy for me to talk about this since it has really touched and reverberated deep deep deep upon many layers of self that i have in this body that i inhabit including the fact im also a Deaf person who uses his eyes as one of the main ways i walk, live, experience and connect with the world and with communication.

… Yet, in the midst of all this discomfort, ive been learning deeper within the many many many lessons of how the greatest dark is also the greatest mercy.

The more love i choose to send to my eyes and be more responsible with self care, that is a radical act of love and not letting myself get stuck in fear or feed fear….

I dont want to feed fear or get stuck in despair.

Im grateful for SO much right now; being reminded im not alone. that i have community and tribe. that i can feel safe in the midst of all this discomfort and being ok with the discomfort. finding the strength to be kind and compassionate with myself. learning deeper which forms of trust and care and relationship truly do nourish me and which ones i actually do want in my life right now especially now. that it is ok to be honest and to allow myself to be vulnerable, to allow myself to root deeper into how i can alchemyize fear into love and growth. to allow myself to give myself a break and say *fuc*it and hells bells. to remind myself to find joy and remember that not all is dark. there is hope. it is important for me to plug into hope and courage as well as remembering resilency is a thing. to remember i am whole still and finding a different kind of beauty within self.

I want compassion, love, kindness, empathy, support.

I dont want sympathy, help, im sorry, pity, etc.

The word support feels more constructive and higher vibration with love and genunine energy. The word help feels like a low vibration and the perspective of a crutch in the pity perspective related to a hearing person feeling sorry for a deaf person because they feel like the deaf person is missing out or has lost something.

I dont feel like ive lost something with this new spin of eye health happening among other things on my current path. For sure, instead, i feel it is a powerful space of death and rebirth for me in a way. This has changed how i look at life in so many ways already as well as relationships, etc.


Blessed Scorpio moon portal!

Im available this weekend and the coming days after for readings. Please do book a session ASAP if youve felt called for a reading with me. It will be such a honor to hold space and work deep magic with you. Many gratitudes!

I will be travelling to Washington, DC and New York next month (may) and currently am not sure how long of a sojourn it will be. So, if youre wanting to catch me in-person or online for a reading while im still around the pacific northwest til i go east, then please DO book the session sooner than later. Thatd be amazing!! Gratitudes.

Mr. Thorne

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