*** waning scorpio moon ~ april 2016 ***

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Hullo folx!

many of us have been experiencing such deep tides with this scorpio full moon and working us big time. oy. indeed. yes. it is so so so important to remember in the darkest times, there is still light to be found. there is still hope to be found. faith too. courage and strength. to grit our teeth and dig deeper into our resiliency.

this is major Soul path work for many of us. Initiation, rite of passage, and transitions are other words reverberating and resonating here too.

weve got this and weve got each other. we are not all alone in this.

im mega grateful for SO much in the midst of the deep, intense tides ive been walking through on my path recently and currently.

i love how professor dumbledore says in one of the harry potter movies that even in the darkness, there is hope to be found if one remembers how to turn on the light.

so, as the moon has already started to wane from being full…. please remember you are not alone. you are loved. you have folx who are there holding space in the dark with you. both invisible and visible.

blessings be.

love and light to yall in this waning moon time!

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