*** musings related to self care practices, etc ***

What does your self care practices look like?

Mine vary day to day, depending on whats needed: sometimes lots of soothing tea, smudging, essential oils, salves/balms, comfy blanket space, journaling….

Other times: baking, cleaning, being in my house den space, bath salts used on hands and feet, singing, making art, having candles lit, etc….

It is important to remember it is more than OK to be protective of your sacred time alone ~ the self care practices ensure your being able to express your needs as they unfold from moment to moment. Not only that, it is essential to balance that out with spending face to face time with folx who you love, trust, and connect with ~ feeling resonant with them and nourished/nurtured both ways: you with them and them with you. This is paramount especially right now, considering the current world events and intensity/upheaval felt with emotions, energies, thoughts related to these.

Grounding as well as setting intentions for the day/night are part of self care too.

Remember it is not the same in how it is expressed for everyone when it comes to personal self care and grounding practices. Diversity is beautyfull and powerful ~ we can always learn something new from each other. Always <3

Blessings, Blissings, and Gratitudes ~

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