*** EXTENDED FLASH SALE *** Brighid/Imbolc sessions!!


Brighid/Imbolc sessions still available til THIS Wednesday ~ TOMORROW ~ 7th Feb. 2018~

FLASH prices:
$30 = 30 minutes
$60 = 1 hour
$90 = 1 hour and half
$120 = two hours

Flash Sale orders accepted until 11:11 PM PST (pacific standard time) on Feb 7th, THIS Wednesday. Please put key words: FLASH SALE extended brighid imbolc in subject line when filing out order forms through my website: www.spiritoracle.com

Sessions available both for long distance and in person (currently local to portland OR/vancouver WA). ASL friendly!


Gentle reminder:
My regular hourly rate has already gone up to $125 as of this recent Satyrday, 3rd Feb, 2018.


I’m looking forward to co creating magikyness with yall!

Blessings and heartfelt gratitude as always for y’all’s support of my magiky woo work and myself ~


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