4th March 2015…. Changes in the flow!

Hey y’all!

Today was a interesting day! I was supposed to fly out of San francisco to Washington DC earlier today…. That all changed with my receiving a initial email from southwest airlines saying my flight from Chicago to Washington DC had been cancelled. I decided to drop plans and stay here in the Bay Area a bit longer rather than try and force it re. East Coast.

I started feeling more peace with the decision I made around that this afternoon than this morning. Quite interesting how things can shift just like that!

Y’all might be wondering where am I off to next? Well, oaktowns aka oakland beckons! I’m grateful that I met the people that Spirit brought my path to cross with while i work-served at DeafHope’s Glimmer of Hope event this recent Satyrday. I just had to chuckle at how the Universe will shift things like that. I’m grateful I have a place to go to in Oakland and it’s right near the Lake! Synchronicity definitely is afoot!

I’m curious to see how the synchronicity continues to unfold….

Tomorrow’s full moon in Virgo vibes already has been flowing through…. And I feel the tides will run high-deep with this particular Full Moon. Plus, tomorrow is Purim!

I will share more as this week- weekend unfolds.

Blessings be,
Mr. Thorne

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