More woo work platform + Abundance Expansion!


Hullo folx,

Ive had my eye on this book for a while! Last night, I decided to step out a bit with courage to expand a bit more by purchasing this book. It felt like a big step for me in doing this. Why? Well, I do have some anxiety and/or overwhelmed feels around social media in general so it felt like a worthy financial investment for my woo work and solidifying my platform more with having taken this step forward.

This book initially felt like a resource for me in the light of diffusing both my resistance in some ways as well as general social media related feels. Hopefully, it will prove to be this! I’m excited, curious, and looking forward to receiving this in the post soon ?

I feel this is another way for me to dig deeper even more with my self confidence boosting while manifesting more of the financial flow income that I know I am more than deserving of….

After all, this woo work IS medicine work I passionately LOVE to do! It never fails to touch my heart when I see a client have a radical ephinany or when I have the deep blessing of witnessing a client in their most difficult moments then they have a breakthrough. It is absolute Soul work all the way through, in every way invisible and visible.


if you’re curious about what I do and offer, then please do feel welcome to check out both: my woo work offerings *AND* testimonials!


more thoughts to come soon!!


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