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Hello folx!

I felt nudged to pull several cards from the Astrological Reading Cards and share them with you today ~ as according to today’s current Astro sky movements…. the moon transited from Cancer (water) to Leo (fire) at 9:28am PST… then at around 12:40 pm PST, Venus trined Neptune …. then later today at 5:56pm PST, the moon squares Uranus. Now, what does that all mean?

First: the moon transiting from Cancer to Leo ~ simple enough ~ showing the energies shifting with the moon ~ (Note: the moon tends to transit every 2 and half days between zodiac signs unless otherwise noted in the lunar planners, calendars, etc)… I definitely felt this shift energetically because I’m super in tune with the moon’s ebbs, tides, and flows and Cancer is ruled by the Moon as its planetary ruler. As I’ve previously mentioned, my natal birth moon is Cancer ~ and from a bit of studying via Portland School of Astrology, here locally in Portland, Oregon ~ I learned that at my incarnation birth this lifetime, the moon was in the dark/new moon phase when I was born and that figures clearly to me more now than before to why the dark/new moon phases are VERY strongly and deeply felt ~ experienced for me, more than the other moon phases.

Second: when two planets trine each other ~  in this case, Venus and Neptune earlier today ~ it is a harmonious kind of energy and balance; like a triangle of energy that’s moving through. Definitely good energy to move towards something you’d like to hold more intention with into manifesting! 😉 🙂

Third: when two planets square each other ~ in this case, the moon and Uranus later this evening ~ it is a energy that could feel tense in some ways and/or offer a challenge of some kind to work through. The moon is a internal type of energy whereas the Sun is a external type of energy (as it is)…. and Uranus is that kind of energy where its similar to how lightening hits the earth and that energy causes the earth to shift, unexpectedly and/Or unpredictably ~ so, in this case, it is very possible that we will experience some kind of emotional/internal turning around with Uranus touching upon the moon ~ meaning a opportunity for healing/releasing something, catharsis, dark night of the soul/heart, or something else similar to that in a Leo way ~ since the moon currently is in Leo.

Now, with the moon in Leo ~ what does that mean? It’s a fire moon energy since Leo is a fire sign ~ playful, being brave, trying something new/different, spontaneous, joy, doing something different with one’s fashion/appearance, connecting with friends/community in a social setting, etc. Those are the positive attributes of the Leo moon energy. It is possible that there could be a challenge of wanting to splurge, spend money more than usual, being over friendly than usual, etc.

Leo energy is indeed different than how the Cancer moon feels ~ since Cancer is water, deeply empathic/intuitive, and very much focused on the ancestors/home/family/community/hearth/nuturing based type of energy. The challenges of Cancerian moon energies can be nostalgia, being stuck in the past and/or patterns of the past, not being very clear with emotional needs, etc.

Venus ~ the planet that is connected to “small” luck (Jupiter is the planet connected to “big” luck ~ more on that in another post!), beauty, pleasure, success, and fashion among other things. Some of the goddesses related to Venus are Aphrodite, Venus, Innana, Ishtar, and Freya among others.

Neptune ~ the planet that is connected to your yearnings, dreams, longings, fantasies, and potential of illusions ~ the subconscious too. Poseidon is one of the deities related to Neptune since the triton is the Astrological symbol for Neptune.

The times stated for the planetary shifts for today are noted in the We’Moon lunar 2019 planner.


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