A bit more re. Love Musings….

Here’s part two to my previous post re. Love Musings…

It turned out to be about standing deeper in my center of power, Loving my Self, and I allowed myself to splurge a wee bit on my Self! I had an absolutely lovely adventure at the gold door shop, located on one of my favorite Portland streets. It was evening time and the sidewalk sparkled, reflecting the light from the street lamp shining down on it. I smiled, having a feeling I was in for an adventure. For sure, I was totally!

I walked in and this lovely person named Sally said, with such warmth, hi and please let me know if I can be of assistance. I browsed around a bit then found this amazing pendant I couldn’t take my eyes off…. So, I asked Sally if they could take it out of the case and I could look at it up front and close in person. Wow! Such a shimmer and I became in tune with the Magic of the evening. I decided not that one and asked Sally if she knew of other ones that were similar enough to that one -particularly in the shimmery sparkle kind of reflection.

She brought out a couple different displays; none of them felt properly Mine until she had an Aha moment – saying she’d be right back, bringing three more from a case in the back of the shop. I took a bit of time looking at them then finally felt like one was vibing more stronger  energetically with me than the other two. This stone pendant, wow. It fit exactly what I was needing and exactly where I’m at on my current Magickal path…

What stone pendant is it that you ask? Well, it is a Golden Sheen Obsidian stone pendant…. Aligning perfectly and exactly with where I’m at right now….

See, this turned out to be SO much more than what I was thinking with this Magickal experience. It was about me giving my Self permission to splurge a bit on my Self; claiming that I AM more than enough, that I am of and have value…. Allowing my Self to claim Deeper my Center of Power and Worth within my Self… Among many other things.

I’m Deeply grateful — more than grateful — for the medicine that has already been working since this experience transpired for me. Wow. 🙂

Blessed be.


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