*** About Me ***

Hello and welcome!

My name is Thorne Davis. I’m a self-taught witchy & multi-intersectional Deaf Two-Spirit woo worker.

I prefer to say I’m Thorne then let folx get to know me as they will and/or are meant to.

My being Deaf doesn’t lessen my ability and/or capabilities of offering the healing and magickal services I offer. I feel/Know my Deafness enhances my intuitive capabilities in a Deeper, sensitive manner.

For anyone who’s curious or wondering how the communication would be – I’m quite proficient and experienced with speaking English and ASL (American Sign Language). I’m bi-bi, culturally and linguistically, in a way.

I’ve been recognized and/or identified as witch, medicine worker, healer, walks-in-betweens among myriads of forms and ways in how I am Seen and dwell in relationship with Spirit, active community circles, my tribe/chosen family, my pack-fellows, my dears, my love, and the greater realms of Earth Mother and Father Sky.

I walk the Path of the ever spiraling Claddagh as influenced by my Deep Celtic roots. I Dance the Paths of Tears and Joy as influenced by my Native/First Peoples ancestors. Other houses of Spirit and Magicks have their influx on my path as well. The wolf creek Southern Oregon radical faerie land as well as the Naraya have had their threads woven in my life path journeys over the years. In all, it’s a continuous ever-winding Spiral for me.

Many of my teachers and/or way-pointers have been discovered through books, conversations, courses/workshops I’ve taken, being in Community with some radically amazing folx among other treasure troves I hold fiercely close to in heart with Spirit….

Starhawk and her philosophy of power approached with magick from within and balance is one of several that have become distilled into the ethics and values I hold and have a Deep Deep respect for with in my personal practice of spirituality and how I live/breathe/walk the Paths of Magick and Service I’m called to work with in this lifetime.

Rain Crowe (www.raincrowe.wordpress.com) and Jasmin Soleil (www.jasminsoleil.com) are two of many other folx who I’ve had the wonderful opportunity & deepest blessing of meeting and co creating community together and learning with them and from each other.

I’ve now Danced the Naraya three times and can say it’s such a blessing & gift to have had this ceremony experience as part of my continuous unfolding Life path. Ive also attended the NW Naraya bundle blessing gathering; such a rich experience!

I feel blessed and filled with a humble-graced-grateful heart in with how I am able to come forth and offer the services I bring to those who truly are in need.

Several Abundance payment exchange options : coin-money form, Trade/barter,  Square cash online payment (US residents only), PayPal, Circle (for UK residents, across the pond 😉 ), bank transfer online, and/or cheque/check.

Please understand:  I can’t always accept trade as the primary form of  payment due to this livelihood income is in relation with it also being being a path of living for me. It is my deepest heart’s desire to be in right relationship and balance with whoever/wherever I feel called to offer my services.

If finances feel to be to be a difficult challenge for you, then I invite you to please contact me privately via my work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com.

It is truly important that my services are as accessible as possible. I trust we will be able to work out something in the best alignment possible.

I look forward to co-creating wonderful magiks with you!

many many many gratitudes and bright blessings!

In abundance and magicks abound,

Mr. Thorne


Educational background:

~ currently: Year One program student candidate through Portland School of Astrology  (PSA) and cohort 8 candidate through Crossroads Solution Coaching program with Deborah Mayer

~ Previous:

~ graduated High School, Portland, OR ~ May 1996

~ graduated University, BA degree focused in History ~ Newberg, OR ~ May 2001

~ Study Abroad course/trip UK- England, Ireland, Wales ~ 2000


Professional background:

~ 10+ years to now: independent spiritual consultant, healer, workshop/ritual/ceremony facilitator, etc.

~ freelance ASL teacher/tutor (on call)

~ continue to attend both professional/personal development workshops and/or conferences from time to time, covering diverse topics including how to interpret/support with Deaf-Blind users, astrology, herbalism, etc.

~ one of the co-founders with previous community space (long defunct) Turning of the Wheel

~ 3 years ~ Para-Educator with Special Education ~ Deaf and HoH self contained classroom program via Columbia Regional Program, Portland, OR

~ ASL tutor (temp/on call) for PCC (portland community college) Sign Language interpreter training (SLIP) students


Nonprofit work:

~ provided ASL vocabulary training for HIV/AIDS forum volunteers at Q Center, Portland, OR

~ volunteer (past experience) focused with database updating etc at Q Center

~ 3 years ASL interpreter coordinator and liaison for Portland, Oregon based Pride Festival as well as several years of PR/fundraising, community outreach, networking, etc for/with a deaf queer run (long time defunct) organization.