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Hello folx and subscribers,

It’s come to the point where it is needed for me to share some deep thoughts and feelings that have been felt deeply both on my heart & mind. It is never easy for me to talk about matters related to money as well as livelihood income.

First, before I dive into that – I want to say I feel so so so much gratitude for the trades and experiences I’ve had along the way up til now. I’ve experienced and received some lovely, amazing, magical drenched exchanges via trade and barter, both. I am grateful for the folx who have worked with me in reaching good balance in these trades. I’m super appreciative of the current on-going unfolding trades in my life.

I’ve also experienced some challenging moments and times in the past  with certain clients around money, payments, and communications. I am truly grateful for these teachable moments. Those lessons weren’t easy for me to receive yet so important! If I wasn’t able to receive these lessons then I wouldn’t be here in the NOW on my path. I’m grateful for those folx who learned along with me in those challenging moments.

With all that said, I need to dive in and say what’s needing to be said. This is being shared and felt directly from my heart to your heart.

Please know it doesn’t mean I will not continue to offer trade/barter as a option. It’s just not sustainable to hold trade/barter as a mainstay of energy exchanges only. Money is a tangible form of energy too.

I’ve been digging deeper within my self and I’ve realized that I’ve allowed myself to give my services too often away for free. That hasn’t been ideal or wise at times especially when I am now needing more of a steady, grounded livelihood income.

Ive been learning to be even more wise in when to share my offerings on-the-go spontaneously as a gift in the moment. I’m also learning to be more honest, proactive, and open in asking for money as a tangible form of exchange. It is a ever continuing journey to grow, learn, thrive and reframe the branches of how livelihood income and offerings of cost are hand in hand.

I absolutely LOVE doing the work I do – bringing my readings via tarot, runes, divinations as well as other services ie. House blessings, ceremony officiant, etc etc etc. There is no doubt in this being my heart’s calling and service path.

I need to safeguard my boundaries of both self value and self worth by claiming Deeper that I DO deserve to be valued with the fee costs…. Especially right now as a lot of things are shifting in my world at this moment.

I will continue to offer barter/trade, yes, of course…. Just not as a mainstay of energy exchange. The tangible form of money is needed to come more into flow and balance at this time. I believe deeply that there IS abundance all around us. It’s right there at our fingertips. In my sharing all this with you, it is me being radically vulnerable and honest….

It is also a step of my claiming Deeper of self value and worth as well as my self putting value and worth both on the work offerings I bring out there to y’all. This is a important step in my leveling up with where I am at right now. It feels scary yet the good scary kind…. The kind that I take a leap off the cliff then end up flying up in the sky. Right now, it feels like a free fall by actually writing this and being VERY public about this. Phew. Big magick is being spelled here.

I commit Deeper right now to offer my services especially to those folx: who need guidance, those who need clarity, those who need support, those who need the Nudge, those who need to be Seen, those who truly need Magik and those who believe in it-Magik.


I had a conversation a bit while ago with a chosen family-brother and he gave me a good piece of advice which he had received for himself from someone else. It was a piece of business marketing advise. He encouraged me to seriously consider not settling for less than $1 per minute with the sessions/readings I give.

That stuck in my head for a while. Then, I contemplated on if I should shift the gears, so to say, from charging $70-100 per client/session to $70-100 per hour. It felt like a big thought/feeling in that by itself. That was my initial feeling then I had some concerns if it’d be too much to ask by the hour or if folx would not be able to afford my services, etc. I had to work through that then realized to my self – it had been my fears of leveling up, asking for more of what I am worth, and perhaps of success. It wasn’t easy to recognize these. Yet, so so so good and empowering for me to do that….

After I cleared through that, then I was able to come into the the place I am in the NOW…..

Currently, I feel more comfortable asking for this amount: $70-100 per hour…..

I’m definitely worth that. My services are definitely worth that, perhaps more. Time will tell with this continuing journey to unfold.

Side note: I will be compiling a more comprehensive list of costs for offered services by the new moon this month-November. That will be 11th November, also Lunar Samhain on that day.

Thankees you for witnessing and reading this post. It is truly appreciated.

Thankees you for your continued interest & support in whatever ways you’ve shown then so far – be it by donations, purchasing my services, referring others to me, sharing about my work by word of mouth, adding me to your community resource online lists, et al. It has been a honor and a blessing to serve you.

I look forward to continuing to bring my woo work offerings out there in the world!

In addition, I look forward to continue receiving your wonderful support in whatever forms they will manifest in, including money as a tangible form of Abundance.

Abundance is right here at our fingers tips. It dwells all around us. I believe this and I claim it Deeper now!

I believe I am worthy and deserving of a thriving, steady, balanced, grounded livelihood income. I believe also I am worthy and deserving to be able to bring what I offer via woo workings in their best values possible out into the world. I believe I am worthy and deserving to be able to share the richness of my Magiks with those who are called to receive them.

I choose to trust all this. I choose to trust the Universe DOES have my back in this. I choose to trust that y’all have my back in this too.

Im excited & curious now to see how the Magicks are inspired & manifested in this!

Here’s to creativity, abundance, and radical trust.

Blessings be,

-mr. Thorne

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