***** Abundance Magicky goodness!!! ***** a new service! *****


(I was inspired by Sarah Prout and her video whew she shows herself making hearts like you see shown above; this is my own version though! *wink*)

I’m test-feeling this out as a new service to offer for yall! Abundance and manifesting  Magicky goodness! I’m selling these for $7 each.

The number 7 resonates with the vibrations of abundance, prosperity, manifesting and more!

I felt nudged to start offering this especially in the light of how challenging winter season can be and how some folx may feel overwhelmed with the over-consumer spending happens for holiday gifts -which causes a stressful strain on money…

We must keep in mind that money is just another form of energy. How we choose to approach that exchanging of energy is super important! Why? For example, if we think thoughts of “that’s too expensive”, “I shouldn’t get that”, etc etc etc…then that will feed into the low vibrations of scarcity, not having enough, lack, etc.

Another example: “I deserve that “, “I am worthy”, ” there is more  than enough”, etc etc etc… That feeds into both Love based thoughts and higher vibrations of energy. This shows also that we are willing to choose in trusting the Universe to have our back *AND* to show us what Magick can unfold!

Miracles DO happen. Hope is beyond enduring.

You ARE more than of value and worth.

You ARE more than deserving of that long desired dream or vision that you’ve been putting off for years. Do something to break through that fear and take a step forward in Love and Trust.

The more you send gratitude and love to your money, thanking the money that you use for paying bills, looking at money as a investment rather than a burden, etc etc etc…. All these and more will lead you into the vein of abundance manifesting 🙂

I’ve been digging deeper with this as a personal practice. It isn’t perfect yet I’m grateful for already the abundance that has happened…. I’m looking forward to MORE abundance that is already in its way even if it feels invisible to me right now. I choose to believe in the BIG magicky magick of this!

Now…. How about you? Are you interested? If yes, then go ahead & order one! I look forward to crafting these for you 🙂 🙂

blessed solstice and winter holiday season! Here’s to the Light returning!


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