Abundance, prosperity, manifesting, etc!

Here’s several words I felt very important to tune into for a moment….

Abundance :

an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply; overflowing fullness; affluence, wealth. (Dictionary.com)

a great or plentiful amount; the condition of being in rich supply. (www.thefreedictionary.com)

an amount that is more than enough (http://dictionary.cambridge.org)



a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune. prosperities, prosperous circumstances, characterized by financial success or good fortune. (dictionary.reference.com)

the condition of prospering; success or wealth. (www.thefreedictionsry.com)

the state of being wealthy, or having a rich and full life. (www.yourdictionary.com)



something that is clear to see or understand (adjective)

to prove or make something clear (verb)

both – courtesy of www.yourdictionary.com


ABUNDANCE is drawn to my every action. I am a prosperity magnet!

The Universe is conspiring in my favor and my work is very needed in the world!


Gratitude feeds into a Deeper manifesting of Abundance! This is true since I’ve found that it really helps me to stay in the present and counting at least several things what I’m grateful for each day while at the same time witnessing how the Universe will manifest what’s next needed for me. It encourages me to keep curious and rooting into the wild Joy and wonder of what Magicks will unfold next….

It’s not always easy, to be honest; I have my days of when I have high pain days and not feeling so good. Other days I have very low pain days and able to get at lest some things done. The practice of gratitude has helped me feel more steady through all that and is a solid reminder to me in the Re-membering that I’m actually doing important work – AND – it’s work i LOVE to do.

I love nothing more than seeing the face of a client light up totally with understanding and resonating with what’s come through in a session with them. I love nothing more than seeing and feeling into how a client’s energy shifts for the better. I love nothing more than the grounded, balanced exchange of energy, agreement, and alignment between me and a client. I love nothing more than feeling the energy shift in a place of power when I do ceremony and give offerings to these places.

It reminds me how visceral and Real that Magic is. It reminds me how powerful a simple act of ceremony can bring healing and right relationship to a place. It reminds me the importance and the intrinsic value of what I’m actually doing.

These are some of the things that keep me going and my continuing to offer what I bring out into the world. This is some of what encourages me to root more into my Self growth and learnings so I can show up in better, whole-self ways with the people and places who call for my offerings.

Ive received the Universal message that it is time for a balancing of my working with people as clients and going on sacred pilgrimages to places of paper and sacred sites which need healings and ceremony. This is made clear in my priorities now already shifting and my desire in bringing more of a weaving, a balance of giving services with people as well as going into Nature as well as some places abroad that have called in visions and dreams of me to visit with them.

This feels good to me and I’m curious to see the unfolding of this as autumn falls into winter….. I’ve a feeling it’ll be intriguing!

I feel the Deep work I’ve been doing around self-value, self-worth, accepting that YES it is more than high time I welcome in more than I’ve been allowing myself to welcome in, and that I claim that I am more than worthy and now I feel definitely Rready to welcome in more  of a steady, stable, Deep, constant, flow of Abundance financially and in ALL other forms as well. Blessings be and So Mote It Be!

Im excited to witness how this flow shall manifest now and within the next coming seasons, months, years!!!

All blessings,

– Mr. Thorne

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