***** abundance woo expansion a bit more! *****

Hullo yall!

Earlier this afternoon-evening, i decided to take another step forward in abundance woo expansion just a bit! How? Well, i signed up for a third online payment exchange system; this one is Circle. Their website is www.circle.com.

I had contemplated on this and decided today to sign up for this as per advise from a dear professional colleague and friend of mine. He said this system is for UK (United Kingdom) and USA (American) users. Easy to make payment exchanges across the pond, so to speak 😉

Three also is a magic number for me. It feels good for me in this way as three different choices now available for online payments: Square, PayPal, or Circle. Both coin/cash and cheque are also much appreciated too, of course! 😉

Thankees you Thankee you Thankee you for your patience as i navigate slow and steadily with social media, online payment services and et al. It is greatly appreciated!!!

blessings and abundance in ALL forms for us ALL,

til soon,

mr. Thorne

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