Abundance Woo Manifestation collage art

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Hullo folx!

I wanted to share this abundance woo manifestation art with y’all! The bottom photo is the top side and the upper photo is the back side of this. It’s actually reversible, so either and both sides are vibrating with this energy!

My next step with this? I  plan to charge it with three woo candles that I bought earlier a few days ago at my fave woo shop here in Tacoma, WA. The shop name is crescent moon shop and gifts.


On a different note, I will traveling on and off today. My destination for tonight is Corvallis, Oregon. I will be spending some overdue time with a chosen family woo sister-friend there tonight, then tomorrow – I will be Portland bound. Time to get some business and errands wrapped up there prior to taking off to the ocean this weekend! It’s much needed this ocean sojourn for me!

Plus! It’ll be the Virgo full moon on the 22nd February! Big energy and magick portal to harness for sure!

Please keep in mind that I will NOT be available for readings during 19-23 february. That is to respect my time needed for recharging, etc….. I WILL be available for sessions AFTER the 23rd February! It’ll be ideal timing to take advantage of the upcoming Leap Year woo portal as we shift towards the month of March… Just sayin’ 😉


blessings and see y’all on here in a couple days!

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