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Hello folx~

Just a few affirmations and encouragements to keep in mind as we dive even more into the swirlings of all this BIG energy flying around ~ including the beckoning Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Pisces this weekend, on the 16th September ….

It is essential that we continue to practice grounding and self care practices especially right now. Breathe, go for a walk, hug trees, journal/blog, make art, play music among many other things including staying as present in the NOW moment rather than thinking ahead too far.

Gratitude is a ever Deepening practice of mine… I’m truly grateful for that as one of my several solid grounding modalities. Gratitude reminds me that there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for ~ no matter what’s going on at the moment.

The more we notice Gratitude and integrate it in our daily lives, then the MORE present we can be in the moment as well as recognize the depth of Abundance that dwells around us and how it can open up even more so to manifest flow of Abundance in a Deeper way. One quote I absolutely LOVE is this: Gratitude is the doorway to Abundance. That is absolutely true. We always have a choice to open or close that door of Gratitude ~ every moment offers an opportunity in this context…. Will you choose to walk through the Gratitude door and subsequently welcome in MORE Abundance… Or not?

To each, their own path ~

I will write another post this week regarding the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse portal coming up.

With Love and Magick,


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