Announcement! Paypal Abundance Expansion!

Hullo folx!

Just a quick exciting announcement!

After a long long while of resistance and other factors  …. I decided to break through that and plug into a higher vibration of confidence and trusting my next step in setting up PayPal as a step deeper with Abundance Expansion!

I deeply value my time and energies put into the readings, sessions, etc that I hold with both woo work clients & community threads. This step forward with PayPal is just another thread I’m now weaving into a boost of claiming Abundance Expansion as my woo work offerings currently are experiencing some shiftings.

The financial flows all go towards my personal living, travel, and woo work expenses.

It is a ever unfolding journey of growing and expanding with self value and self worth. I’m deeply much much grateful for the lessons I’ve had over the years with this….

I look forward to and claim the BIG BIG BIG boost of Abundance Expansion which is already manifesting from the intangible into the tangible as I type this.

Let’s see how the month of March shall pour it’s BIG abundance ALL around for/with me AND for/with you too!

My PayPal link: is already up and live! There’s a yellow button you can click on to send donations OR use the PayPal option for woo work payments.

Thankes you Thankees you Thankees you to yall, my subscribers, friend, chosen family, community threads and both new/returning woo work clients!!!!

more news to come soon!

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