Apple medicine and it’s October now!

image imageWelcome, October!

Time flies and now it’s October. Wow. It feels like time is speeding up even faster yet slowing down in a steady way, both at the same time. Apple medicine has made another appearance. Why? Remember, I mentioned I was going to pick some apples at a orchard? I sure did! It was a great harvest and a lovely experience.

Now, why do I mention Apple medicine? Well, earlier this morning (Monday, that is)… I learned how to do the process for making crockpot apple butter! It was so easy after I got the hang of using the apple corer hand tool. That tool sure saved me a lot of time and energy since my elbows and wrists probably would be in a lot of pain if k has gone the route of paring the apples with a knife. Phew.

Earlier tonight, I finished the process of making apple butter! The last steps were learning how to use a immersion blender then spooning them into containers or jars to use. I’m keeping two full jars and half of a container for myself. I will be gifting two containers to two folk of my chosen family/magicky tribe. It feels so good to be learning the skills and getting some items ready for the Winter season.

I also learned a really easy way to make homemade vanilla extract! That’s my next food crafty project….. after I return back to Portland from the East Coast. Yep, I’m leaving this week for the East Coast and shall return back round the 20th or so-ish of October.

Tomorrow, Tuesday – I shall write a post sharing a bit more on the East Coast travel scenario. I’m slowly getting excited for this journey. It feels like the first stepping stone of many to come ahead. I bought a book about the witchcraft papers – discussing the records in specific related to the Essex (England) witchcraft hunts (aka hysteria). Why do I mention this? Well, there’s a clear connection between the Essex witch hunts and the Salem (America) witch hunts. I’m curious to see how that is shown. Plus, it felt important to read something prior to my going to Salem, Massachusetts. Yup, Salem is one of the two places I will be stopping at in Massachusetts…. More on that tomorrow!

All blessings,

-mr. Thorne

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