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Prepare for New Moon in Pisces ~ Steps to Take Advantage of This Energy

Themes involving beginnings and endings are center stage now as we prepare for the Feb 26 new moon with solar eclipse in Pisces. Most likely, you already have had your share of beginnings and endings in these initial weeks of 2017. You are about to get an opportunity to reconsider how you view and orchestrate beginnings and endings. This can have profound impact on your current situation and future prospects.

The Opportunity

Leading up to the new moon is an opening of energy that can catalyze ideas of new seeds you want to plant and new ways to be with yourself and others. In this article I’ll describe simple steps to take advantage of this energy opening.


Energies over the next several days are likely to bring to the surface things outside your awareness and off your radar in day-to-day life. The nature of this energy window is that old issues and unfinished business may come to light.

This may include old friends you hadn’t thought about for a long time, and old completed relationships that you thought were healed. Very likely, too, because of the planetary aspects, dysfunctional patterns of self-sabotage may get the spotlight and therefore your attention.

Not all surfacing will be an issue. Some may simply be like a flash of intuition you didn’t have before – perhaps about an important past life or other element that is key to your soul’s journey. Some insights may be so significant that when you apply them, the trajectory of your life shifts in a major way!

New Moon Tips

FIRST, since the focus of this new moon is your spiritual self evolving over time, factor this into beginnings and endings. Example: if a former romantic partner reappears (tangibly or within your own mind) and reminds you of unprocessed hostility, see this is a sign to dig deeper and heal the old wounds. That unfinished business is a block to your current and future relationships. Whatever is showing up needs to be laid to rest before you can succeed in a new relationship.

SECOND, with this new moon catalyzing hidden elements within the subconscious, intentionally welcome new insights that help you understand and heal deeply rooted problems. There is often an unconscious tendency to block new information that forces confrontation with shadow elements. Knowing this, consciously invite a deeper knowing and be open to how and where the insights might be revealed.

Example: after asking for a breakthrough and you are speaking with someone you trust, the information you need may come up in conversation in a way that you can process.

THIRD, prepare a list of intentions for energizing at the new moon. Avoid simply reusing intentions you made previously. Make them brand new for this cycle. Breathe life into your intentions by writing them down and reading them out loud. Your voice is a powerful force to magnetize outcomes!

In the days leading up to the new moon eclipse, factor in the additional intensity and erratic events. Highly-charged emotions and sensitivity are common. When the world is already tense and erratic, the eclipse energy amplifies this. Huge life shifts can happen during eclipse cycles – a momentum building over a number of days and then a breakthrough or a series of breakthroughs happening.

Choose now how you want to move through this energy opening. Invite the breakthrough that you most need to take your next big leaps. Trust that spirit is always right there by your side.

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