~ April 2022 musings ~

Greetings, folx ~

Tis time for a checkin…. I’ve needed to take some time away from general social media recently. The month of March flew by and now April is in full bloom…. the season of Spring is making its presence known; the daylight hours are slowly becoming longer and the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom!

I recently received a new Tarot deck in the post mail…. its titled ”Erotic Tarot”. Here’s a photo of it ….

I‘m curious and excited to see where this deck may take me on my current paths which are pivoting in several possible directions…. Somatics among other topics of interest have been crossing my path recently and I’ve been feeling pulled to hold space with explorations of these unfolding…. 🙏✨✨

April 16th (later this month) is the ♎️ Libra full moon; it’ll be a interesting full moon ~ now with Jupiter and Venus in Pisces ♓️ ~ Time to tune into these creative and magical waters and energies ~

Another thing which I’m excited to announce: May 2nd and May 13th, next month, I’ll be on two panels with MeWe Fairs! More info on that soon!

Blessings, til soon…. Thorne

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