**** Aquarius dark new moon and intensity unfolding ***

Hello yall~

There has been SO much happening out there ~ the intensity has been heartaching yet enheartening to witness, BOTH at the same time. Phew. Ive not been posting as often on here due to that as well as taking time more for self care among other things…. needing a balance, remembering to pause, to remember that not everything has to be heavy hearted…. literally feeling it moment to moment at times having to stop and remind myself it is ok to take a breather in between SO many BIG feelings and waves of emotions and thoughts here and there….

If you find your self in a very similar place, then please know you are NOT alone. It is more than OK to stop, breathe, scream, cry, sing, keen, dance, whatever that sustains you and offers space for processing BIG feelings ~ then grounding down and finding a way to break through, applying what’s being learned, then holding witness to the unfoldings….

Ive been finding that smudging (both white sage and cedar, especially) are super great as support tools/medicines for me especially right now. So grateful for these as well as the other tools im digging into within my toolbox so i can practice more resiliency and taking care of self…. In my giving myself some breathers & doing best to follow through with self care….. I can ensure that Im able to give and be here with YOU too… to offer loving compassion, empathy, listening eyes/heart space and witnessing among many other threads I can offer.

You are valueable. You are Seen. Youre LOVED.

I hope youre receiving the support needed and community to come around you and hold you up, giving you hugs, offering whats needed.

If youre not sure whats needed and grasping at straws, then dont judge yourself for that. Know that you are Seen. You are LOVED. If you feel that scheduling a session with me would align with your needs and current situation, then please do feel welcome to inquire. Id be more than honored to consult with you and see what steps we could take.

This new dark Aquarius moon weekend portal has been working many of us DEEPLY. Phew. (Deep breath). It is ok. We got this. Even if it may not be clear in many ways, still. We got this.

Know you are not alone.

Blessings, Blissings, and LOVE to you.



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