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This is part One to my swirling musings related to archetypes, history, and magik…. hope y’all enjoy it!


Ever since I was a small person creature in this current life incarnation, I’ve always had a deep curiosity and fascination with folklore, myths, fairy tales, history, magickyness, etc. It wasn’t until I grew older and started learning more about archetypes, stories, myths, etc ~ both in my high school and University years.

When I started my initial diving into various fields of self study and learning relatedness to tarot, metaphysics, the Divine Feminine, and many more layers ….. I didn’t really connect with the patriarchial view of the Divine/Cosmic Masculine (and still don’t to this day). I had this deep pull (especially during my last two years of University) to start searching ~ to find a different perspective/lense which would resonate and make better sense to me.

As time went on, I started reading  more and more related to the Feminine aspect of Spirit and archetypes including the Pythia and Goddess drenched spirituality and religions… something started to click inside me like an Aha moment and creating space for more illumination to happen. It’s been a continuous unfolding journey in that and still is unfolding even today for me.

My first tarot deck was the Goddess Knowledge deck, gifted to me from a friend. There was no guidebook with the deck, so I had to really make time to focus and learn with these cards. At first, I would literally read the info on the back of the cards and not go further than that. Over time, these cards pushed me to really dig more deeper, learning from them and trusting my gut instincts and feeling into their energies. Eventually, I understood I didn’t need the guidebook in order to work with that deck. I’m grateful to that friend who gifted me that deck since it really broke open a different realm for me with both tarot and Spirit.

That was in my mid to late 20’s when I first started working with that first deck as well as learning more related to the Divine Feminine, ritual, ceremony, magic, etc etc etc… See, I had to swing so far from the patriarchial view of G-d/the Masculine that I grew up with to discovering deeper with the Cosmic/Divine Feminine to find some healing, re-connect with my gut instinct/intuition, answers which I had been looking for, and more …. to …. where now it is and has been swinging more towards the center ~ where there is more of a increasing balance and in-tune relationship with both the Divine Masculine and Cosmic Feminine.

Years later, after I had been reading tarot cards for a while… one day, a dear friend/chosen family of mine, they mentioned in text message that they felt me to be a Oracle. I felt mixed emotions about that. I asked them for clarity around that and/or what caused them to say that. They said they feel that to be true in how I carry my medicine and how I hold energy and all that. It freaked me out at first, so… of course, the logical part of me (hi gemini mind! Ha) started researching what Oracle meant, etc etc etc. I was reminded of what the roots of it was due to my early studies in history as my University major of study then I delved more with it. As I did that, I realized it was part of my process to wrap my head around the fact that these archetypes are not antiquated forces nor are they dead. They are very much well and alive, rich and brimming in energy and magik.

I can thank them ~ that dear friend/chosen family for being honest and speaking their truth with me in that. It sparked something much more Deeper and sent me on a different path ~ because of that, it illuminated part of the way to my eventually being more accepting of this particular archetype, embodying more of this energy, and understanding more of how I can carry that archetype in me, being the Two-Spirit creature person who I am.

At that same time, I had already outgrown two names & logos for my woo work business…. I knew a new name & logo both were weaving themselves into manifesting…. I didn’t want to push that process.

Some time passed then I realized in a moment with Spirit in with how my 3rd woo work business name was synthesizing into Spirit Oracle as unfolding then continued to how it is now…. still unfolding more even now….

The minute when I chose to say yes (on all levels: emotional, energetical, mental, physical, magikal, and so on) to embodying more of the archetypes which overlap with the Oracle, Seer, etc ~ that’s when the pieces started to fall more into place …. 🙂😉

More musings to come soon in part two! 🙂😉🧡💚💜❤️



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