*** Aries ♈️ New Moon readings avail ***

Hello y’all ~

Just a quick checkin here …. Aries New Moon Readings are now available for purchase!!! Rates: $20 = 20 mins, 30 = 30 mins, $40 = 40 mins, and $60 = 1 hour …  available until THIS Friday, March 27th, 2020 ~ Both paypal and Venmo accepted for online payments 🙂

The sun represents the external part of you that lights up your whole being ~ how you show yourself to the world. The moon represents the inner part of you; your emotional self and how the internal processes are related to feelings, intuition, etc.

Currently, the sun and moon both are in Aries so y’all are probably already experiencing a lot of energy shifting in various ways. The new moon will occur tomorrow ~ Tuesday ~ at 2:28am, pacific standard time ~ as referenced to from the We’Moon 2020 book planner.

Another thing to keep in mind: the moon 🌚 is in her dark moon phase right now so we will not be able to physically see her in the night sky until she arrives to the waxing crescent phase.

When the moon is in her dark phase, it’s ideal to rest, turn inwards, nourish and nurture, release and let go, and take it easy with the self …. not pushing to do (as in the productivity or busy mind space)… it’s more about BEing and allowing that BEing to unfold…. allowing what’s come to pass and what’s not manifested from the recent moon cycle to lay fallow and become energetic compost.

Aries is a fire sign which is like the initial spark of the Astrological zodiac year; good for sparking ideas and the energy of what could be possible. Aries also portends spring season which is all about transition from the inner landscape to the external; winter to spring, BEing to DOing, that kind of thing.

The new moon is the beginning of a new moon cycle; energetic space for creative energy related to new seeds/intentions which want to be planted then cultivated for the new moon cycle.

If y’all are curious about more of this stuff related to tomorrow’s Aries new moon, then please do purchase readings from me! All readings/sessions are ASL and Deaf accessible via video chat calls.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to receiving your magical new moon orders soon!!! 🔮🦉🦄🌿🌱🕯🌈🌌🌲


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