As reflected in the sky, as reflected in the earth, as reflected in us…..

Yesterday. What a day.

I’m grateful for anew day today and counting the blessings so far I’ve been experiencing.

Before I go further, just to recap of yesterday: everything was fine, peachy-fine with my car til when I and one if my faerie family got close to the interstate five south sign for Glendale, Oregon. My car, my trusty grrrl, my baby, started acting up and just to a point where I felt best get her off the freeway. Sure enough, good thing when I did — she overflowed or backed up then overflowed some excess water through one of the hoses or something similar…. Oy.

Long story short, my faerie brother came through, gave support by doing all the needed calling re. Triple AAA,  and got another of Land people to comedown and help out w transport, etc. So much happened on many levels for me at once and my emotions are in progress of working thru things. I’m just really grateful for the folks who gave me support yesterday, that I have safe landing here at wolf creek land…. And what a start to Pendulum week/weekend. Wow.

Its still in limbo right now with my car. Hoping it’ll be fixed in speedy time, reasonable cheap prices for repair and all will fall into place well…. Crosses fingers. I’m grateful also for the folks who are aware of my car sitch and sending good car woo vibes….. Much much much needed and appreciated!!!!

its the waning Cancer moon currently, and I’m feeling it big time since my natal/birth moon is in Cancer. Phew.

I will check in back on here later when time allows.

In the meanwhile, blessed drawing near autumn equinox/new moon!

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