As the path turns….

Many things, moments, and experiences have transpired since the last time I blogged on here… Shows how life has its bends and curves!

my time here in Portland, OR indeed is drawing to a close. I shall be moving out of my current dwelling space/hearth – that I’ve called home for the past several years- the longest I’ve stayed in one house, considering my Gemini sun – in October 2014…. It will be a bittersweet fork in my path to leave this house, yet it is the right step at this moment.

I’m choosing to look at this as a long farewell filled with lovely adventures and moments spent with some dear ones. It is time a-coming for a good long while of traveling season ahead for me. 

In June 2014, I return Danced at Naraya, a Dance for All Peoples. My intention for that Dance was: I dance for what is next with my work. This Dance was a powerful experience; much much different than my first Dance. It is such a blessing and honor for me to have taken part of both these Dances.

Since then, tis become clear the words community spirituality have deeply resonated with me, bringing me into the space of answering a Call for embodying that in different ways including moving into more of a nomadic lifestyle which will interweave with the glimpses and visions I’ve received of going places, meeting with folx/creatures/etc, attending circles/gatherings, coming alongside paths of whom and wherever I’m meant to bring my magicks, medicines, and sing-mourn-celebrate-council-support-share ritual/ceremony with… Then when the voice of the winds speak, onward I go on my way to new places, experiences, and folx. 

I’m excited to see what will come ahead for me on this ever unfolding dance-spiral we call life!

Another piece of news: I’m currently in the co-creation of a updated website! It has been a pleasure thus far with this organic unfolding of a new site with my UK friend, Filipe Fonseca, who has some amazing ideas for this new site! More to come sooooon with this, indeed 🙂


til ill soon, my dear subscribers and fellow travelers!

mr. Thorne

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