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@Wikipedia ~ Credit for image of Patricia Coleman Smith on the right in this post ~

the image on the left ~ Credit to me, Thorne Davis ~


Today is Patricia Coleman Smith’s birthday ~ she’s also known as Pixie Smith. I’m truly grateful for her legacy as the illustrator and designer  of the Rider-Waite deck. She hasn’t received the proper respect and honoring of her work until the very recent couple years. She’s a person of color, queer, and basically the Mother of Tarot as we know it ~ since the RW deck is one of the foundational tarot decks. RW took the credit for her work and he was a white, cis male person. It is important to give respect where it’s due. I value her and her magickyness deeply ~ blessed be her memory and who is remembered still lives. I count her as one of my queer magickal ancestors ~ <3 *heart*

Happy solar return circle, Pixie Smith!! <3 *heart*

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