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Hello folx!

I felt nudged to pull these cards from the Astrological Reading Cards and share what’s coming through with this ~ we’ve officially arrived into the Scorpio season ~ with the sun recently transiting into Scorpio recently on October 23rd, Wednesday, earlier this week….

The sun will remain in Scorpio until November 22nd, 2019. Currently, with the sun in Scorpio ~ we’ve officially moved into the Season of the Witch. Samhain aka All Hallows’, Shadowfest, Ancestors Portals, Witches New Year, etc is just right around the corner next week on the 31st of October. Something to remember also about October 31st ~ Mercury will turn retrograde on that day so it means ALOT of intense deepening energy will happen in a HUGE oomph considering it being Samhain and such….

Speaking of Mercury Retrograde, it’ll be in Scorpio as well ~ I’m offering Mercury Rx readings already NOW to mid-November…. if that’s a thing resonant with y’all, then please do get those sessions booked 😉 🙂 SEVEN spots are open for this ~ sooner the better!

The moon currently is waning and is in the zodiac sign of Libra. The Moon will stay in Libra tonight and all the way through tomorrow (Saturday). Then, the Moon transits to the next zodiac sign ~ Scorpio ~ on Sunday, October 27th, 2019 ~ at 1:29pm PST. The dark/new moon occurs in Scorpio at 8:38pm PST Sunday night.

Speaking to the dark/new moon in Scorpio, I’m NOW available for offering dark new moon readings until next week Wednesday, October 30th. I will be taking some time away for myself in observance with my new year aka Samhain during the night/day/night of October 30th and 31st. Samhain is also known as Samhuinn in old Celtic culture, specifically old Irish Gaelic culture. I will share some info soon re. Samhain! 🙂 😉

What does it mean with the moon being in Libra right now? Well, there may be more of a emphasized focus around relationships, communication, searching for balance and harmony in and with relationships, seeking to recognize the perspectives all around, and reciprocation/appreciation in typical Libra ways… with the energy resonances of fairness, balance, harmony, care, and beauty. Libra is an air zodiac sign ~ the scales are the symbol for this sign.

The colors for this season are mainly rich vibrant shades of orange, red, black, and brown. Pumpkins, gourds, turnips, and rutabagas are some of the plant vegetation that’s related to this season.

I bought three small pumpkins with the purpose of doing a white vinegar wash then weaving a protection spell on them so they can be guardians for my doorway during this Samhain season. I discovered that idea through this amazing witchy woman, Mickie Mueller ~ check out her YouTube! She has some pretty amazing basic spells, projects, etc. I’m excited to try this pumpkin spell. I will share the YouTube link to her video about the pumpkin spell in my next blog post on here.

More thoughts soon ~ waning moon blessings ~

Side note: all times stated for planetary transits are noted in the We’Moon lunar 2019 planner.

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