*** Astrology classes online with Thorne ***

*** UPDATE : CLASSES CANCELED *** please read the updated info below. Thanks!! ***

(credit image: shondaland.com/Getty images )

(image description: natal chart shown with zodiac signs, houses, etc ; combination of colors – red, orange, rose pink, brown, purple, blue, etc)

*** UPDATE!!!! ***

The astrology classes have been cancelled by the organization/platform that was going to host them. I’m still in the process of pivoting to a different plan regarding to the classes. Thank you for the understanding and patience. It’s much appreciated. 🙏🙏🙏✨✨✨✨



Here’s the website link to register for my upcoming online Astrology classes! The first one is coming very soon; this Thursday evening May 9, 2024 and the topic: all about the Ascendant (ASC) aka Rising Sign. The next one will be all about the Sun Sign and that’s June 6, 2024 ~ Thurs evening. Both classes are at scheduled at 5:30-630 pm PST / pacific standard time zone.

Please register ASAP. Each class costs $20. Classes will be ASL and voice interpreter accessible. Recordings also available for purchase.

Y’all can also follow me via Instagram @heartofoak8 ~ for more updates etc. ✨✨✨

For more info and/or to get subscribed to Moira Press School’s email list… please contact: agehrz@gmail.com Many thanks for y’all’s support of the community and the Moira Press School ✨✨✨✨

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