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Hello folx!

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. Thankees for the patience and its much appreciated. It’s been a interesting and strange process still unfolding in how to feel completely landed with having returned back to Portland, Oregon from my recent travels among other things. Anyway, i felt nudged to take out these Astrology reading cards and do a wee bit of AstroWoo ~ since there’s ALOT shifting and moving around in the sky at this time… with Samhain (aka All Hallows’ Eve) and mercury retrograde in Scorpio coming up, both on October 31st…. that’s another story for  another post! 😉 🙂

Anyhow, right now with the current Sun and Moon placements…. the sun’s been in Libra since September 23rd/Fall Equinox (last month) and is still in Libra until October 23rd, this coming week ~ time flies! The sun will transit into Scorpio at 10:20am PST on October 23rd, 2019 ~ according to We’Moon 2019 lunar planner. The moon has been in Gemini since Wednesday, October 16th until late last night ~ in the middle of the night, time 3:43am PST (according to We’Moon 2019 lunar planner) ~ the moon transited into Cancer. So, this Saturday morning, we all woke up to the Cancerian moon energy.

I don’t know about y’all ~ tho, I’m actually super relieved to have this current waning Cancerian lunar energy unfolding now until Monday aka moons day, October 21st ~ when the moon will transit into Leo at 9:28am PST (We’Moon lunar 2019 planner). I feel that this recent Gemini waning moon has been a very intense space for me in particular ways related to communications and trying to discover resolution/balance in certain ways…. quite challenging! Oy.

Also, I feel that its a relief especially for me right now with this current waning Cancerian moon, why? My natal birth moon is in Cancer. What does that mean? It means for me ~ with my many experiences in different ways ~ that I need to have a lot of down time emotionally, finding reconnections with self, tending with my hearth spaces (be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc), sharing connections with loved/dear ones/community in ways that feed my heart in good ways (not frazzled, overstretched, stressed out emotionally ways)…. among other things. I also am so aligned with the Moon (since the Moon is the ruling planet for Cancer) and I’m truly sensitive to the tides, ebbs, and flows of the lunar planetary shifts. It’s also about me needing to tune back into myself and deepen my internal trust in my intuition and ask for what I need emotionally (even when it may feel scary, sensitive, and vulnerable)…. that deep need to be Seen and heart-heard-felt is important, so important.

Sometimes, I find it helpful for me to do a bit of mundane household errands like taking out the trash, laundry, etc ~  It does help clear my brain and heart in some internal ways then I can find clarity with specific ways outside in the mundane world and my relationships.


If y’all are curious about this Astrology Reading cards ~ your personal guidance from the stars ~ tarot deck, then it’s authored by Alison Chester Lambert and illustrated by Richard Crookes.


On a different note: I do offer natal birth chart consults and chart readings for individuals, couples, and more! If this is something that piques your curiosity, then I’d be more than happy to setup a time with you, answer some questions, provide information, and perhaps if it feels aligned, then we could do a chart reading for you!

I tend to do chart readings based on your natal birth data (which you give to me in email) then I input it in my account at this website: www.astro.com ~ pretty easy site to navigate and setup the database in there for clients who I offer chart consults and readings with. Consults run from $50 to 100 for a hour. Basic to In-depth chart readings run from $100 to $150 per hour.

It’s a great idea to get a natal chart reading especially around a person’s birthday, a baby’s being born, a new job, life transition, and/or something auspicious like that timing since it can feel like a re-set in a way and bring more of a container for creating space and intention for what’s wanting to be called in for the new season/year. Just saying … 😉 🙂

Thank you for reading this post. I hope y’all enjoyed it! More soon on that mercury retrograde in Scorpio and All Hallows’/Samhain! <3


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