~ August musings, part one ~

Greetings to y’all,

Time has been a odd creature lately…. I’ve been going more through the flows, ebbs, tides of non-linear time and it’s clearly reflected here. I’m choosing to honor that and allow what needs to percolate, gestate, and weave through current threads and puzzle pieces rather than following the capitalism (“expected”) method of being active everyday online here my website as well on Instagram. Most likely, y’all have seen me sharing through my Instagram stories and some posts here and there. I felt it was time now to checkin and let y’all know a bit of what’s been going on in my worlds….

I was recently honored with the opportunity to co-support leading the Lughnasad aka Lunasa ritual for the That Witch’s Life Patreon. So exciting and it was a magical and powerful convening of energies! If y’all are on Patreon, then go support them and receive some magic!! ✨✨✨✨ SO good!! Also, you can follow their Instagram page: @thatwitchslifepodcast ~

Lughnasad aka Lunasa is an Irish/Celtic holy day; it honors the first harvest and opening of autumn 🍂 season. The second harvest is Autumn Equinox in September then the third/final harvest is Samhain aka Shadowfest and All Hallows’ in October. I have to say, it’s a relief to start feeling the autumn 🍂 energies swirling already …. even if I am experiencing big concerns related to climate change, wildfire/smoke season, and other current life related things. Still, I remind myself that it is key to remember: it’s okay to grieve what needs to be let go of, composted, released… while appreciating, honoring, and celebrating the beauty and magic of first harvest and what that feels like to me currently.

The most recent cosmic swirling energy: Dark new moon 🌙 in Leo ♌️ along with the 🦁 Lion’s Gate Portal…. the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal tends to occur on August 8, every year. This year, it’s happening at the same time as the Perseids meteors …. the peak of the Perseids is during August 11-13, 2021 ~ this week! I’m planning to do a Perseids viewing adventure on the night of Aug 12, Thursday….. I feel excited, curious, nervous about this and it’ll be my first time to witness this!

I recently relocated to a new dwelling residence in early July 2021 and am still unpacking; am still in progress of finding my connections with this new hearth space. So grateful for Kenton park right across the street for a grounding space with the trees 🌲 there. Hopefully, I’ll have a very very very small house-hearth warming party sometime soon….. so, I can ground down more into the hearth space and weave into the containers I want here in this new residence space.

I’ve recently started participating as a student in a new class: Jewish Magic and Ritual; it’s both online and in-person. My teacher, colleague, and mentor Rebekah Erev is amazing! Their work really speaks for itself and I’m really savoring this experience and opportunity so far. I’m also partaking in the second round of their Embodying the Hebrew Letters. Both courses are accessible with note takers and ASL interpreters!! If y’all are curious about Rebekah and their work, then please check out their Instagram: @rebekaherevstudio and/or follow them on Patreon!

I’m also teaching a basic level ASL (American sign language) class through Visually Speaking (deaf owned biz) with an online classes remote teaching style. It’s the first time I’ve been doing this in a very long time so it’s been a interesting and good learning experience so far! My first class will complete by August 24, then a short break… then I will return teach the same course in September 2021. The class is a 8-week format. If y’all are interested, then go check out the Visually Speaking website: www.visuallyspeaking.info ~

There’s more thoughts to come…. so, stay tuned!!

Crescent moon 🌙 blessings,


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