***Autumn Equinox, Mercury turning direct, etc ***

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Hullo folx~

Blessed Autumn Equinox and Happy Mabon!

This week heralds the Autumn Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. The sun transits into Libra and this is a portal time of balance ~ resetting within and returning to center …. Where in your life has things been shifting like the pendulum? Is there balance now being re-discovered? Is more releasing needed to happen for the balance to be received?

This is the second harvest festival of the season. Lughnasad aka Lammas was the first harvest festival. Samhain aka All Hallows’ or also now as ShadowFest  is the third harvest festival. Samhain also heralds winter beginning as well as the Witches New Year. I will write more later on Samhain related things.

Autumn Equinox portal is all about balance and abundance both. Where is the abundance flowing? Where could room be made for more abundance to manifest? Are you feeling challenged? Just a few of many thoughts that are brewing in our hearts and spirits as we all tune into this BIG shifting of the season….

Mercury just went direct two nights ago … *cue deep relaxed breath* give it another week or so for the fully felt moving directness of Mercury. It takes time to integrate all the realizations that we’ve all been having with this recent Mercury retrograde cycle. Don’t rush the process of integration and moving forward …. Take it easy, continue to breathe and be in the NOW as this unfolds …


Im currently at Portland, Oregon this weekend and indefinitely next week as well… Then more travels beckon for October… I shall be bouncing up and down between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, BC Canada in October. The trip to Vancouver BC is for several reasons  ~ including a trip to Bowen Island for scouting a potential location for a workshop I’d be providing with/to Vancouver BC Deaf and hoh community in November…. Details haven’t been confirmed yet for that… Hopefully soon! 😉

Lots is currently shifting and brewing in my personal life as well as professional life. More news on that soon! 😉


Updates will be posted on here soon about my orcas island recent journey and experience! Your patience is much appreciated. Gratitudes and Autumn Equinox blessings,


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