*** back on travels *** leaving NYC ~ enroute to Toronto, Canada ***

Hello folx ~

Today tis Satyrday and I’m already on Amtrak train, having departed NYC~Penn Station and on the way northwards toward Toronto, Canada. Bittersweet feelings about departing NYC yet grateful for the lessons and moments which unfolded while there. I got to witness a thunderstorm; feeling the tension in the air and the crackle of energy, balmy air, just before the storm hits. I could catch the smell/taste of rain on the way before it happened. I’m also grateful i could catch two photos of the lightening/storm clouds as well as the sky colors of the sunset. So interesting to see both at the same time, opposite ends of the skyline from where i was staying at.

At the same time, I’m excited to be on the way to Toronto ~ curious, excited, and wondering what this trip will bring. Ive already had a telling feeling that this trip will hold ALOT. What will that ALOT be? Not completely sure though Im open to what magiks wanna unfold 🙂

It gives cause for me to think about how life has sudden moments of challenges *and* opportunities (disguised as challenges) yet there is beauty to be found in the midst of those moments. I’m grateful for that reminder, especially right now ~ as we are diving full on ahead into Eclipse Season. So many feels, thoughts, and layers already being unfolded for me ~ phew. Its intense!

The good thing? I’m not alone in this as well as yall are not alone either. Remember to breathe, ground down, practice self care, and be gentle with your selves.  I have been reminding myself to breathe; breathe deeper with/into my core/root of self rather than my chest. It has been such a good practice especially right now.

You are loved, valued, Seen, and covered in with the presences of your ancestors, loved ones, and community. Remember that. Especially right now.


I am available for sessions/readings while im on travels. It is a blessing always for me to be holding long distance sessions as well as in-person readings!

This Eclipse Season is a BIG one…. the actual eclipse comes with this dark new Leo moon on monday, 21st august 2017.  Usually, its already being felt with the energy 3 days to a week before, during, and then 3 days afterwards… however, this one is HUGE. I started feeling it about 2 weeks before… !!!

With this particular Eclipse Season, the energy will continue to reverberate into the next six months to year ahead. What does that mean? We gotta be super clear with the intentions we choose to spell-weave into being manifest for this Eclipse Season cycle. If you’re feeling challenged in that, then perhaps consider booking a session with me for a consultation!

Blessings ~ til soon!

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