Bat med, part two!

Bat flies at night and is able to navigate in complete darkness, teaching us to use our intuition to find our path. For Native Americans, bat symbolizes rebirth because it goes into its habitat in the cave ( the womb), to reappear again into the light. Bat helps us face one of our greatest fears – our fear of death- by teaching us that every “death” brings forth a new birth – the law of Great Spirit. We often hold on to something that no longer fulfills us because we are scared to let it go; Bat’s powerful message is that we must be in a continual state of transformation, that change need not be feared. When we listen to our inner messages and follow what they tell us, Bat teaches us that we need fear nothing. 

We create our own reality and, when we start to stretch our imagination, more things become possible than we ever imagined. If we learn to fly like Bat, we can rise above our fears. Hanging upside down, Bat reminds us to see things from a different perspective. 

( if you possess Bat med, you’re easily able to make your dreams come true. Your intuition is powerful and you’re always in the process of reinventing the world.)

( this is from Lucy harmer’s book, “discovering your spirit animal the wisdom of the shamans”)


Another bit re. Bat med:

Magickal attributes: The knowledge to avoid obstacles, barriers, and troublesome people. Undergoing a shamanistic death, which is learning to transform the old self into a new being. Releasing habits and personality patterns that keep you from progressing. Viewing past lives in order to learn how death occurred each time; using this knowledge to make you more comfortable with the life and death cycle of all life. Especially helpful when facing the death of a loved one or close friend. 

( this bit from ” animal magick the art of recognizing and working with animal familiars” by d.j.conway )

At the place where I’ve been staying here at yacolt, WA… I found out in conversation that there’s some bats that are roosting in the roof of the upper house where I’ve been sleeping. My friend ‘g’ (for short), his lover name ‘h’ (for short) said the bats sound like a very high screeching kinda sound. Interesting sometimes for me to ask at certain moments how the animal sounds seem to hearing-dependent folk… Hmm.

Earlier this week, before I came to yacolt, when i was still at Olympia – Wednesday eve-recent – I went for a park and pungent sound ramble. First, at priest point park – wow. Amazing, big magicks took place there for me on varying levels. Anyway, when I reached the mud flats, saw some of the sunset skyline, then headed back into the woods to trek to my car – there was one part of the trail where I literally had to keep close to the ground and find careful stepping ways upwards…. It felt like Bat kinda swooshed in softly but strongly felt – that strong clear feeling of being held by someone, saying “I got you, I’m here” kinda feel. Very interesting since that was a total shift in my experience with Bat med right there. Then, when I drove over to the North point of Swantown / Olympia Marina – exact same feeling came re. Bat med like what I had felt at the Park… Only a bit softer yet very visceral feeling like a comforting hug. Hmm. 

It was gorgeous seeing the Marina at evening time. The lights surrounding the Sound on the opposite side from where I was at, the various creatures and energies I felt, experienced, saw there. 

I’m curious to see what more comes of Bat medicine for me here on out from now…. I’m grateful for this new way of Seeing, feeling Bat med. 

oh! One last thought: the number 7…. That vibrates of money, abundance, wealth, income, prosperity, generosity. That number is on the Bats in the Belfry tarot card. I’m welcoming ALL of that to manifest including paid woo work services which I provide. Gratitude in advance to Universe for making it happen! 

I choose to trust Spirit to pave the way for all my current needs including more paid woo work to manifest now. I choose to feed that trust with love and courage, not fear and anxiety. I choose to welcome in more of a Deeper knowing with Bat med as I currently am experiencing…. 

Bless. More thoughts soon!

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