Bats in the belfry. Shapeshifter oracle cards. Bat medicine.

Bat medicine has been felt more present with me out of late, this week at varying moments; kinda like the feeling of “I’ve got you, I’m here, I’m holding you” in a comforting, grounding way. Really different kind of feel in this particular-current experience unfolding w bat med. def a very different feel now with bat med rather than my first encounter w bat med, years ago (as it feels)….

the first time I encountered bat med was in a dream. After it transpired, I realized (after some time of processing), that it was a reflection of where I was then, in a transforming moment- accepting more of myself as the witch I am and shamanic death/rebirth. I had since that time always related bat med to shamanic rebirth, death, transformation. Similar to how the Death card in Tarot cAn be intuited. 

However, this time around, it’s a total different uncovering of deeper meanings and layers with bat med as I’m currently experiencing its presence and medicine much more closer now than ever before. Now, it feels like its an assuring, comforting energy – that I’m not alone on this path that I’m on at the moment….

i felt this card via shapeshifter oracle deck resonating big time w me today, touching on a lot which I’ve been sitting with re. Bat med this week, in a whole new different way. 

Card 7:

Bats in the belfry. Message: you can achieve great things.

about bats in the belfry: these companions will teach you how to be “upside down” in life for a time, to fly against the mainstream views, and to find your way when you can see no way ahead at all. They will assist you to move far beyond the cares and conditioning that told you to stay enraptured by limiting beliefs, to remain in thrall of your fear of being different. The bats and their astounding skills, sensitivity, and talents will help you accept that you must begin to live with even more courage, imagination, and boldness – even when you’re misunderstood. 

They will show you how, in time, you will become an inspiration, because you choose to live with valor, excitement, and beauty. The bats’ only question for you now is: “what’s next!?”. With these friends, no fear can approach you.

 Bats in the belfry speak:

 Others may say you’re indeed “batty”, and this ascendancy has seemed mad even to you at times. The current state has been preceded by a heavy, hurtful climb. Just because no one can quite see how you’ve made it to the top doesn’t mean you didn’t have to climb. There was no magickal lift, no easy way up – nor did you fly. But you did follow your instincts, and we, the bats, who can see you in the dark, led you to your current home. Now you’re here, and so many wonders you can see, and so peaceful and fine it feels to be high above it all. The air is clean and fresh, and you can see just where you need to go in the future. There will be time to start the next great journey, but for the moment, take time and enjoy the wind at your back, the incredible views stretching out before you, and the freeing sense of detachment from the cares and woes of all who said it could not be done, that you didn’t have the skills, that you could not climb so high. You have.

you’ve done well. Now, take a moment, and enjoy the magnificient view and all the wisdom this height can offer you. See the future directions, see where you made what other people call mistakes, and see how those below stay stuck. And know you need only to ask for our help, especially when darkness falls, and you will find your way to the beginning of another great journey into places where others say it is not possible to go. It is. You’ve shown it to be so. Now, let us take in this glorious view.


through the choices, you’ve made, you’ve managed to actively show it is possible to do what others once insisted could not be done. You’ve clearly shown the miracle that is your life is a result of the decisions you made to no longer be limited by fear and conditioning. You’ve been so brave. The choices before you now are expansive. Don’t become too light-headed. Consult your self and heed the advice of others who too have broken free and are flying high. Take the advice of those who dared to achieve their dreams, not those who suggest you stay safe by never daring to dream at all!


more on this soon in a part two….. 

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