beauty and hope in the midst of dark shadows and violence….

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Hello folx~

Its been a while since i last posted up on here. SO much violence, shadows, death, grief and many heavy emotions are swirling out there…. ALL of these energies are valid. The most important thing is to face these with Love, Light, and Compassion. If we feed our fear and anxiety then that will ramp up the shadows to amplify more. We dont want that to happen, right? So what do we do instead? Root down into our cores of Self and remember there IS beauty. there IS hope. there is LOVE. there IS Light. There IS Clarity and Clear Insight to what to do next and then the following steps after that….

If you feel things arent clear quite for your path right now, then that is more than ok. The most important thing is to stay grounded and aware…. not to get all caught up in the energetical turbulence so much that you loose footing with being grounded and present in where you are at right now. It is important to not identify with what is unfolding. Remember that things happen for you; things dont happen to you. That is part of a Brene Brown quote ~ i paraphrased it.

The collective consciousness is waking up deeper especially in the wake of last months Orlando shooting and the very recent killing of another black persons life. It is valid that grief, anger, and many other emotions are running wild and rampant in a heightened sense. However, again, a gentle grounding reminder: it is important to allow these feelings to flow and move THROUGH rather than be stuck staying in the heart and the emotional body.

Theres also been ALOT happening up in the cosmic sky with the new moon earlier this week on the 4th among other planetary alignments.

Grounding and self care practices are even more essential especially right now. Water is a very soothing element; baths, washing hands and feet with bath salts or epsom salts, showers, hot tub or pool soaks, washing the face and back of neck, going into Nature and spending time with waterfalls or other bodies of water, and even crying… those are just a couple ways of ideas for self soothing and grounding care.

Singing, humming, making art, cooking good nourishing food, sharing time and space with chosen family, meditation and/or other exercises are great options for self care and grounding as well. Gardening and/or working with plants, flower esences as well as ceremony and ritual also are great, if that resonates with you.

Journaling is another medium to work with, especially if talking about heavy topics is challenging or feels too overwhelming in a emotional way. There are many different types of journals ~ it can be a simple notepaper one or one that you make your self – with art, pictures, doodles, etc. Journals can be both general or specifically intentioned to align with a focus ~ for example, Dream work, Abundance and Manifesting, et al.

Creating art or writing are great for folx who are  more sensory or tactile tuned beings… especially if theyve been having extra sensory emotional turbulence in life or such.


Often times, anger manifests because of other emotions simmering underneath it ~ fear, anxiety, and stress are several of many others that simmer underneath anger. It is important to not suppress emotions since if they are suppressed then they will fester and react like anger, hurtful words, frustration, snapping short, even road rage. Recognition of emotions, naming them, sending love and compassion to the emotions as they arise ~ those are healthy practices and will support the flow of emotions through and out of the energy and emotional bodies.


These three pictures which Ive included in this post ~ theyre all resonating with beauty, energy, centering, and reminders to stop and remember: there IS hope. there IS beauty. there IS love. there IS light. there is healing.

We CAN be the change we want to see in this world.

We ARE the change that we want to see in this world.


What is the change you want to make? What are the changes you are gestating in your current path?

Do you need support and faciliation for that?

I invite you to contact me and book a session ~ please if that calls and resonates with you. It will be a honor and blessing for me to hold space, faciliate and work ritual with you.


~Mr. Thorne

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