*** beginning of Pisces ♓️🐟 sun ☀️ season / February 2024 ***

Checking in quickly ~ it’s been a while since my last post and I realize that; lots has been shifting, flowing, and brewing since then and I appreciate y’all’s patience in this …

Pisces sun ☀️ ♓️ season literally just started two days ago (Feb 19, Monday); this week holds several other astrological transits including Mars and Venus meeting up in the sky as well as both mercury transiting into Pisces then a full moon 🌕 in Virgo ♍️ coming this Saturday, Feb 24th ~

I’m still offering magical supportive readings at Queen Meb; the next times that I’ll be there on site for IN PERSON readings are: Saturday aka Saturn’s day, February 24 (time 130 ish til 4 pm PST) ~ THIS weekend ~ and it’s a Virgo full moon THIS Saturday to boost!! Then, NEXT week, Wednesday, February 28 (time 130 ish pm til 5 pm PST) ~ Leap Year Eve ~ All sessions are ASL (American sign language) and Deaf/hoh friendly & accessible. Y’all can book BOTH in-person and virtual/online appts with me via the shop website link ~ https://www.queenmeb.com and/or via their Instagram link bio ~ @q.mebpdx ~ I’ll look forward to connecting with y’all ✨✨✨

Queen Meb is a local magical shop here in Portland Oregon ~ please support your local small and magical businesses, especially right now ~ it’s SO needed considering how the current economy market and inflation are affecting so many of us roughly including local businesses. Community solidarity and reach around is MAGIC especially right now 💜❤️💙💜❤️💙💖💖💖✨✨✨✨

I still offer magical readings virtually (and locally only to Portland Oregon area; Covid safety etc) when not at Queen Meb shop and/or teaching ASL virtual classes, facilitating ASL accessibility consults, and/or other things on schedule. Please contact me via this email address: heartofoak8@gmail.com ~ specifically for all pertaining work related questions, scheduling logistics, and so forth. It’s much appreciated!

I’m in my current cycle of teaching LGBTQ+ ASL classes (Weds & Thurs eves) online with Visually Speaking Seattle biz. My next cycle of ASL classes will be scheduled soon. Their Instagram page account: @visuallyspeakingseattle ~ and ~ their website link ~ https://visuallyspeaking.info

Also, I do offer private ASL tutoring separate from the Visually Speaking Seattle classes.

A exciting piece of news!!! I’ll be starting to teach some astrology related classes ~ first up, in May 2024 ~ topic the ASC (ascendant)/rising sign ~ AND ~ in June 2024, I’ll be teaching the next class : topic the Sun ☀️ ~ both classes will be accessible with ASL and voice interpreted . This is a collaborative project with Andrea Gehrz of the Moira Press and myself. I’m super excited about this happening and y’all can check out Andrea Gehrz via Facebook page – the Moira Press/Andrea Gehrz and/or their website: www.andreagehrz.com ~ check out their social community events calendar ~ https://andreagehrz.com/index.php/events/

If y’all enjoy my mini astrological transit updates etc, then please feel welcome to refer my magical readings to folx, purchase gift certificates, purchase a reading for yourself, and/or tip/donate via Venmo and/or PayPal ~ that’ll contribute to my livelihood incomes as well as my being able to continue offering all my services etc with y’all in the community ~

Y’all can also catch my online updates via Instagram account: @heartofoak8 ~ and here on this lovely website of mine. And, please feel welcome to subscribe to following my blog posts ✨✨✨

Looking forward to connecting again soon!!

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