* being true to ones self **** via richard wilkins, UK amazing individual *

(Credit to Richard Wilkins, UK amazing individual and motivational speaker via social media, Facebook)


Thought I’d brighten things up with another one of my captioned photos…

Took this shot in Cambridge – I gave the little girl all the colour & made the adults black & white.

The little girl in the photo is ‘pre script’ & fearless – she doesn’t yet have a negative voice in her head telling her telling her she’s shit & to sit down – give her just a couple of years & she probably won’t dance like that – from fear of embarrassment – oh yes the script starts really young.

If you want your kids & people you love to NOT believe the script – you have to NOT believe the script & a great time to start is: today.

Really hope you enjoyed the photo…


PS. Looks like she’s waving a magic wand at everyone & saying “don’t believe the script”.

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