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Hullo there folx,

I’ve been bouncing between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR for a bit. It feels good and seems to be what’s needed at this moment. I’m just winging it and choosing to look at this as a expanded adventure precursor to what will come next with the upcoming months ahead…

This recent new moon + total solar eclipse was a super duper deeply felt big one! So much energy reverberated. Wow. It’s still flowing due to spring equinox this weekend then on the heels of that, the full moon + lunar eclipse will move through. This full moon is in Libra; I wonder what this one will be like. Hmm.

There’s been SO much energy moving through like big waves – makes sense due to the big space of Piscean energy that’s been swirling round for a while. However, that’s shifting now to fire energy! The sun is currently transiting into Aries which heralds a new astrological season: Spring. There’s a T-square of three different fire sign placements being activated in addition to this Aries energy starting to flow. Spring season holds so much of rebirth…. cleansing, clearing out, transforming,  recaliberating in all forms both visible and invisible; tangible and intangible.

One activity that I’ve been finding super useful especially during this time of season transits and cosmic intensity: taking a course about physical astrology via Portland School of Astrology. It’s been absolutely fascinating to see and learn a different dimension to astrology while applying it in both actual physical as well as energetical related planes .

The textbook I’ve been working with during this course is the Medical Astrology book written by Judith Hill. It’s really interesting, to say the least. I look forward to seeing how I can integrate this learning into the readings & sessions I provide to/with y’all!

More thoughts soon,


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