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The top photo is a set up of my Brighid altar space ~ purple fabric, handmade match stick container with sun/star covers (gifted to me ~ from a new acquaintance), green candle holder with yellow spell candle (vancouver wa based shop Celestial Awakenings), and Brighid pillar candle (portland based shop the Fernie Brae).

The below photo shows Brighid with her great cauldron on top of stones (in the foreground) and the Celtic Triskele with knotwork as well as flower bush flourishing in the background.


There is indeed SO much about Brighid ~ where to start?

*soft wry chuckle*  😉 🙂

She’s known by many names including Brigit, Brighid, Brigid, Breo-Saighead (if i remember the Gaelic spelling properly) ~  translated to Bright Arrow, Lady of the Mantle, Bride… among many other names.

Brighid is an absolutely dear dear dear patron of mine. Her magik and presence really resonates deeply within me and my bones, given that my paternal human line of ancestors hail from Scot-Irish ancestry.

She is the patron of poets, writers, wordsmiths, iron workers, medicine, music, illumination, inspiration, healing, hearth-tending, the cauldron, the well, the forge ~ and so much more!

Her holy day is Imbolc; that occurs during February 1st to 3rd, depending on the time zone/geographical location. January 31st is Imbolc Eve.

I tend to bake Irish soda bread as one of my several observances during either Imbolc Eve or Imbolc portal time. When just before putting the bread into the oven, I tend to put a X symbol on the bread dough ~ asking Brighid to bless the bread, hearth, household, and all who will partake with the bread. Its a traditional thing to do, especially for invoking luck, protection, and abundance.

Oimlec and/or Imbolg are other spellings of the word Imbolc. The root meaning comes from Ewes lactating with their milk, preparing to give birth to baby lambs.

Snowdrops are one of the plants/flowers related to Imbolc.

Suggested offerings to Her: milk, butter, mead/beer/whisky, bread, red flowers, honey, and fire.

I have a tattoo on my hands depicting my vows to Her ~ the symbol is called Brighids Heart. It was during the early part of October a couple years ago when I received (through trancework while being tattooed with a different piece) a Cosmic message that I’d need a symbol of protection somewhere on my physical body prior to going to a magikal gathering for Samhain later that month. It turned out that my instinct in that was absolutely right especially with how things unfolded at that magikal gathering.

My relationship with Brighid has been Deepening over the years. I’ve definitely felt her presence with me especially after receiving that tattoo and since then. Indeed, aye!

Hearth-tending and my relationship to that has been Deepening much much much over the years; so many threads in navigation to that including how i can serve myself, how i tend to both my personal and professional cauldrons, how i can offer service/support to my community cauldrons/hearths, how i tend/share hearth space with community, chosen family/friends, etc.

She feels ~ to me ~ as the Bright side of the Sun, the welcomg in of the beginning of Spring, how the land begins to quicken and the seasonal energy begins to awaken ~ shifting of the seasons ~ while still holding space, gestating, brewing, and weaving what is to come next.

One of her many holy sites is Cill Dara at Ireland. They have a flame still tended by the people there, honouring Brighid. It is one of my hopes to visit that place someday, hopefully sooner than later 😉 🙂

One of her several sacred symbols is the woven cross. It can be used as a protection talisman for the hearth/home and/or travelers. The ancient art of weaving reeds and/or straw for making that is still resilient in today’s time.

Another activity is the making of Brighids doll/bed. The Irish people believed in making that space ready for Brighid, She would come bless their homes as well as the community.

Irish culture, history, folklore, and particular traditions are very very very much drenched with Brighid ~ she is SO entwined with Ireland that Celtic Christianity adapted her from being an ancient goddess to a saint.


The prayer/incantation on the back of the Faerie Saint Brigit of Beginnings pillar candle:

I pray to you, Sacred Flame. Forge me anew in this beginning. Turn my gaze and my heart to the horizon. Bathe me and send me forward cleansed. Find the words that change me, heal me, rename me. Sacred Flame, I pray to you.

(That candle is made by Iris Mae Misciagna. Yall can find their work via Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/brazenmae or at their website: www.irismisciagna.com)


One of the several books I’ve read which includes her in the book ~ Title: The Fire Priestess ~ by Ellen Evert Hopman


I hope yall enjoyed this read on Brighid. If youd like more info, then please do google and/or ask me for recommendations.

Also! If you are interested in working with her in session, then I’m delighted to offer a session focused in that with you. Please book your session with me through my website: www.spiritoracle.com. Many thankees for taking the time to read this!

Bright blessings and Hail Brighid 🙂 <3

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