Business updates!

Hi y’all!

theres been a lot of flow and momentum happening! Some exciting things indeed…

One: I’m now registered on Square Cash to take online payments via clients/sessions. This is a good thing since I was in search for something safe, easy, quick to use… PayPal didn’t feel good to me; too clunky and complicated. I’m a simple Faerie, not the whole techno kinda creature. Lol. It felt right to go with Square Cash for several reasons, including the fact I’ll be receiving a free card reader-swiper thingy which will enable the accessibility of doing in- person payments via my iPad mini.

Two: I’m currently prepping for travels… Yep, that’s right! My Cosmic Map is lighting up and I know more of the travel scenario for the current moment…

sunday feb 22- Portland, OR to Corvallis, OR

monday Feb 23rd- Corvallis, OR to Eugene, OR

tuesday Feb 24th- Eugene, OR to Ashland, OR

Weds Feb 25th- Ashland, OR to somewhere in CA (tbd)

thurs feb 26th- ending at Fremont, CA – for that last weekend of Feb…

Then…. fly outta sf (San Fran) to the east coast, landing at D.C. I’ll be spending at least that first week/weekend of March in D.C…. Then still feeling it out with the rest of my East Coast travels… It’ll fall more into place soon, I feel this…. 🙂

Three: I’ve sent in my woo work info to Deaf Review! This is exciting since they’re a nation (USA)- wide network. Hopefully, this will bring flow of clients and/or visibility of the woo work I offer… So grateful to my dear friend Crystal Green for this opportunity of networking!

Four: I’ve discussed a bit with a friend of mine, name Nicka Sage, about them possibly doing a promo video advertising my woo work services. I’m grateful for this generous offer and curious to see how this PR will unfold… More news on this soooon!

Yayeee!! This new moon portal in Aquarius-Pisces has been feeling deep and ALOT of motion -ebbs, tides, flows… for sure!!

blessings be,

Mr. Thorne

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