Call to sacred sites and places of power…..

hello folx,

there is a stronger taste of Autumn here on the air and in the evenings, especially. I’ve already has to start using hoodies, wool sweaters, scarves, and leg warmers. I’m grateful for the warm layers I have. My body has already started craving more root vegetables and the nudges to turn internal, recognizing what’s needed, and moving more slow, enjoying the last of Summer’s end. Truly, I am looking forward to what more of this Harvest turning season will unfold.

It will be for sure a interesting autumn season…. I’ve signed up for an acorn processing workshop at the end of sept. It feels important to continue to keep a rhythm as I can with self sufficiency skill learnings in preparation for nomadic living….

The acorn processing workshop is provided through Portland Rewilders Skillshares – and it’s a by donation basis workshop! I’m also hoping to learn how to make flour with birch (yes, I mean the birch tree). Apparently, the Sami people used birch in many ways including making bread flour with it.


I have been feeling into and thinking a lot about my upcoming travels, both in October and November. As the months have unfolded since TWAC, the Call continues to persist and go deeper into my core of Self about doing ceremony with sacred sites and places of power; recognizing the Spirits of Place, apologizing to them for the wrongdoings/disrespect that humanity has imposed to them, and to heal the space into right relationship.

That is part of the initial Call I’ve felt put on me from the Universe to do medicine work and healings for Mother Earth and these places of power and sites of magic.

There have been a couple different places that have called for that work in particular – for sure, Salem, Massachusetts – where the witch trials happened… And Cherokee Country in North Carolina – it’ll give me a opportunity to connect with my East Cherokee ancestors in a way, I feel that.

Both October and November will be gorgeous times on the east coast ( meaning the east coast of the USA – the United States of America ) – experiencing the crisp in the air, the trees changing color, etc!

There will be a trip again to Toronto, Canada as well… I have a chat appt coming up on Monday early next week with the person who’s letting me use her organization space for the workshop I will present at Toronto. I’m hoping it can be scheduled soon!


There’s a lot more that has been brewing in my internal cauldrons… More news to come!

All blessings,

-mr. Thorne

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