*** Capricorn full moon reads/sessions NOW avail until June 30, 2018 ***

*** Woo Work News Update! ***

Capricorn full moon readings/sessions NOW available until witching hour/ midnight PST ~ June 30th, 2018!!

(The actual Capricorn full moon occurs this week Wednesday ~ TOMORROW ~ at 9:53pm pacific standard time)

(The artwork with the goat/starry background is credited to Mystic Mamma)

Please book your sessions through my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com via the booking sessions button available on there.

Several ways you can keep track of my woo work happenings:
~ subscribe to my woo work website blog (www.spiritoracle.com)

~ follow my Facebook woo work page: Spirit Oracle professional services

~ checkin with my Facebook group: Spirit Oracle

~ follow my Instagram: heartofoak8

If any questions, then please contact me via woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com. OR Facebook private messenger

As always, many many many gratitudes from my heart for your continued support of my woo work!!

Thankees you, Thankees you, Thankees you!


the goat with starry background is art credited to Mystic Mamma


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