*** Capricorn new moon reads/sessions NOW available ***

Hello folx,

It is now the Capricorn new moon as well as several other planets are in Capricorn at the moment. I’m offering readings/sessions specific to this new moon energy surge happening right now. This focused space is being offered to the 19rh of January, this month, for new moon sessions.

This current Capricorn energy wave is essential since its gonna create the foundation for the next 3 to 5 years ahead …. so it’s super important especially right now to get crystal clear in with both the intentions and goals you want to manifest into with your paths ahead.

If you’re feeling challenged and the push to do something…. Thats this Capricorn energy pushing; its almost like a labour process with birthing something …. though, there needs to be a releasing of some kind first in order for that manifesting, the birthing, to occur….

Right now, im currently brewing and gestating a lot ~ both in my personal and professional cauldrons …. lots shiftings and adjustings happening…. So, if there’s some prolonged pauses in between my blog posts…that’s why. It’s currently a HUGE deepening of spaces as well as convergence of several different factors. Your patience is super much much much appreciated in this time. Thank you for understanding.

In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in booking a new moon session with me, then please go on and do that! My rates are very reasonable. Sessions are ASL accessible, as always!

More of news update to come soon!

new moon blessings!

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