Cars can be brooms too!

Cars can be brooms too!

This crossed my mind after I was wished luck by someone with my current car situation. It’s helping me to discover a bit of humor in a way, how? By envisioning my car as a metal broom and its needing to be tuned up in a way…. similar in perhaps how Harry Potter has a upgrade with his broom for playing Quidditch.

Brooms provide transportation, so do cars! I’m finding this Mercury retrograde to be a very interesting one. Relationships seems to be a big theme, considering it being in Libra – an Air sign which rules relationships, balance, harmony… In this particular case, it is about my relationship and how I connect with transportation among other things… recognizing there’s a bit more of a need in with  balance and letting myself walk more and/or take in more of a local, closer proximity than usual.

This Libra Mercury retrograde also has been pushing me to delve deeper in what I really want to ask for and how to approach it with a open heart, not in fear and to be brave in the unknowns that may surround with the asking. The main part? To allow myself to breathe more, trust my self and to speak from my heart… Even if it may be scary. Vulnerability is a place of great power and magic. This is true. Much more true than folks realize.

I’ve already received so much in my current askings and am curious to see what more Magicks can unfold with this retrograde cycle… Hmm…

Also, this retrograde cycle has been showing me to dig deeper and trust that people DO need my magickal work offerings, that they DO see the value of it, and that I DO actually believe in myself more now than years ago when I first started offering readings in a public way. I’ve certainly come a long way since back then… And I know I’m continuously in the learning, growing, and evolving mode with my path-journey as it unfolds…. I’m grateful for that reminder and it keeps my heart humble, brave, and grateful all at once.

I’ve been finding the smaller, simpler practices and Magicks feel so much more deeper with me these days. High magic and ritual at least right now seems to take so much out of me at times…. It feels like the simpler Magicks feed me in a way of nourishing and full inside in a really good way. It also feels really good to be paying more attention with how to be more in tune with my body and how the energies affect it via ceremony and ritual.

Side note: Please don’t get me wrong – I do absolutely love and enjoy some high (meaning fancy, complex, ceremonial) magic & ritual from time to time. It’s just more now the simpler the rituals and Magicks, the more grounding that feels with me currently. It does vary in cycles, I’ve noticed.

More thoughts to continue….

-mr. Thorne




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