*** Chakra Mentoring Packages Available!! ***

Hello folx!!!

Just a quick checkin on this…. We are currently in the beginning of November 2019; one more month to go after November then we turn the page over to a new calendar year (2020)!!

Currently: I’ve been working consistently with one client all the way through levels 1-3 so far with the chakra mentoring packages. I’ve enjoyed so much working with this client; such an absolute delight! It has been such a honor to work with her so far…. we are nearing the very end of her mentoring packages. I look forward to what’s coming next for her after we finish the last few sessions of level 3. Fingers crossed!!!

I’ve worked with one other person all the way through the level 1 package and it was great to do that with him. It seemed to be helpful for him at the time when we co-worked together. I enjoyed it very much and it was nice to have that opportunity.

I’m opening up availability slots for new clients who would be interested in this with me. Levels 1, 2, and 3 packages are offered. Prices are: Level 1 ~ $73 per session (12 sessions)

Level 2 ~ $93 per session (14 sessions)

Level 3 ~ $113 per session (16 sessions)

Payment options are: Paypal, Venmo, and/or cash/check. If you’re curious about any of these packages, then please feel welcome to book a 15 to 30 minute FREE consultation!

I will be happy to make an appt with you and feel into how we can work together if its aligned to in this case and/or a different type of context. Thank you for the interest! 🙂 😉 Blessings! <3 *heart*



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