*** Chakras Programme ~ REGULAR rates/News ***

**** Woo Work News ****

Gentle reminder:

The extended deadline for REDUCED rates has finished already ~

It is REGULAR rates NOW for the chakras level one, two, and three program which is still being offered.

REDUCED rates will be offered again in SPRING 2018 ~

If youre curious, want to do something different for energy body health/support, set a well being intention with next week Virgo new moon, etc ~ then do please inquire within!

REGULAR rates:
$80 per hour ~ 14 sessions ~ Level One (focus: 7 chakras)
$100 per hour ~ 14 sessions ~ Level Two (other chakras)
$120 per hour ~ 14 sessions ~ Level Three (kundalini, etc)

Sessions for this program currently are done via online ~ ASL (american sign language) accessible/friendly!

Many gratitudes, blessings, and look forward to co-creating some magik with yall ~


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