changes, changes! *sparkle*

Hello folks! *sparkle*

Things have been quite dormant with diana’s bow alchemy meanwhile changes a-plenty have been occuring as life has been unfolding these days for me! Many thanks for your patience & ’tis truly appreciated!

With the dormant-ness of diana’s bow alchemy laying fallow in the spiritual/energical/earthen realms, it’s come to light of several things…

1) the need to change my company’s name (for several reasons) – it’ll be announced soon! very exciting!

2) the services and this website will be re-vamped sooner than later!

3) I’ve truly truly appreciated all of your support & encouragement as well as I wouldn’t be here if it was not for you, the community!! For that, many many thanks!!

4) the facebook group & this website will reflect the new name, tagline, etc once its re-vamped… and truly appreciate yr patience during the updating process!

5) if any of y’all have been previous or are regular/on-going clients of mine, then please do feel more than welcome to post up your testimonal or experience from having worked with me… it’d be greatly greatly felt with gratitude & appreciation! Thankee…

Blessings & keep in touch *sparkle*

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